ForeverPlus debuts with the filmmaker, motivational author-coach, and marketing guru Surya Sinha

By Muskan Taneja
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India's well-known marketing guru Surya Sinha started as a film editor. He became a film producer. Made many films... Earned a lot of fame as an author of motivational books and a trainer. Many books written on his network marketing have been translated into 12 languages. Surya Sinha, who is called the guru of network marketing in India, is now going to enter the market with his own brand ForeverPlus. It is an international brand that will write a new story in the history of India as well as the world with more than 20 products.

Forever Plus founder, human motivator, and trainer Surya Sinha said that his new brand has the potential to give tough competition to its rival brands. Every single product offered under their brand is certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, India. Proof of this will also be given to those who buy the product. Sinha clearly said that his life has been devoted to society. In such a situation, through his new company Forever Plus, he wants to provide the best products to society.


A representative of ForeverPlus said that Surya Sinha has been working hard for the last few months on his new company and products. However, his rivals are busy spreading rumors that Surya Sinha's time is over. While the truth is something else. There is the sun in the name of Surya Sinha. The setting of the sun is not the end but a sign of a positive beginning of a new dawn.

Surya Sinha said that even today he works as hard as he used to do in his early days. The secret of his success is also that he has a passion for work. When asked why he works so hard even after being a successful personality, he says that - 'In the journey of success, only sunlight is useful. Often, people sleep in the shade.'



Surya Sinha's life is no less than a Bollywood superhit film. Despite being born into a poor family, the impact that Surya Sinha has made at the global level is commendable. Surya Sinha believes that there are often ups and downs in life while progressing on the path of success. Although they should not panic. Just as there are twists and turns in the road after a straight journey, similarly there are ups and downs in life. Just as the twists and turns of the road leading to a new path, in the same way, life moves forward on the path of success with ups and downs.

Surya Sinha is a human trainer as well as an active social worker. They never neglect their social responsibility and are always active in social service. As a part of his social commitment, he is associated with several social organizations.

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Surya Sinha has contributed a lot during national calamities and helped the affected people. Be it Tsunami or any other natural calamity, Surya Sinha encourages not only himself but also others to do social service. They also help in organizing blood donation camps, child awareness camps, free meditation camps, education camps, and camps for the elderly.

Surya Sinha has mastered the art and science of network marketing. Books written by him on the subject of personality development, management, and network marketing have been translated into 12 national languages of India and have also been included in bestselling books. Not only this, but these books are also considered the most authentic guide in the field of network marketing. He has combined the art and science of network marketing in his book. It has helped millions of people not only to lead successful lives but also to achieve financial independence.

ForeverPlus is headquartered in Kolkata and officially the grand launch of the company will be done in Mumbai on 15th May 2023. People are excited to give a warm welcome to Surya Sinha's own company ForeverPlus.

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