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Free Guy Review: This video game movie is not just a comic one


The difference between a good filmmaker and an average filmmaker is that an average filmmaker makes a film that entertains only, but a good filmmaker entertains and also conveys a social message in it. One such movie is ‘Free Guy’.

The story begins with Guy (Ryan Reynolds’s voiceover), and a superhero is shown on the screen flying towards Free City and Guy explains that people who came wearing sunglasses can do anything. Law enforcement etc is not a big deal for them.

He works in a bank where robberies happen several times a day and this is also a normal thing for Guy along with the rest of the staff, and his friend Buddy.

Guy is waiting for his dream girl in his life. The dream girl he has never met, one day he saw a girl wearing sunglasses and he start to follow her like crazy.

But suddenly a train crushes him. The next day again he gets up from his bed there and drinks the same coffee every day at his favorite shop.

But after meeting that girl, he realizes that he is living the same life again and again, and in simple words, he realized that the first time he is living a life. The next day he snatches sunglasses from the bank robbers.

Then he comes to know that as soon as he puts on the glasses the options, cash, missions, etc. from all over the world are visible like a video game.

Everyone is living the same routine life. He meets the girl and then the audience learns that she is a programmed non-playing character in a game.

Now a game character that has been programmed falls in love with him and doesn’t even know he is a character.

On the other hand, there has been an uproar in the real world about this character, who is the player who is driving it?

At the same time, Antwan, the CEO of the largest video game company ‘Tsunami’, wants to earn money at any cost, which is also accused of stealing the game.

Talking about the story, there have been a few such films but the screenplay of Matt Lieberman and Zack Pan is brand new.

Director Sean Levy has loosened the grip of the film at some places but the overall direction is very good.

When it comes to acting, Ryan Reynolds’ comic timing has no answer. Barring him, hardly anyone could justify the character of Guy.

Actress Judie Comer is also very beautiful and cute together. Her acting is also superb.

Rill Rail Howery in the comic role and Joe Keery in the character of programmer and Indian actor Utkarsh Ambudkar are good in their respective roles.

Actor Taika Waititi, the director of great films like Thor Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit, has a small role, but his acting and body language are strong. There is no answer to his comic timing.

Talking about animation and VFX, because the film is related to gaming, animation has been used a lot.

At some places it also seems to be over, but because there is a vibrant animation in the games, then it does not seem to be over.

Christopher Beck’s music is also good. Suddenly playing a song in Guy’s romantic scenes brings life to the scene.

Overall the film has action, adventure, comedy, emotions, romance and everything that a masala film should have, but there is also something that masala films do not have; That’s Sens!

The film takes a good dig at the social sense. Somewhere in the film’s game Free City and Guy’s Life, we also get a glimpse of our tied lives.

Although after watching the climax, it seems that it could have been better, but overall this video game has become a favorite of children, old and young.

Rating – 8/10*
Siddharth Arora ‘Sahar’

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