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French Hair And Make Up Stylist Florian Hurel Had A Working Birthday This Year


Jyothi Venkatesh

French makeup and hair stylist Florian Hurel, who is the man behind Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Maleficent look had a working birthday on 14th October. “I celebrated my birthday working with ARB on the promotion of the Maleficent and traveling to Bangalore from Scharzkopft for a look as I am their brand ambassador. On the 13th night, one night before my birthday, I was with my loved ones,” he says. 

hair stylist Florian Hure

The stylist has no qualms of turning older. “Since I turned 30 last year, I realized that time flies. I feel I am at my very best and am looking forward to building another 30 years,” he says.Birthdays have always meant the world to him.

Florian Hurel
Florian Hurel

“My birthday was very special as my family used to reunite and celebrate it every year,” he says. This year, he wants to gift himself more work. “As I have just started my new agency of hair and makeup, I am working to build my brand and get quality work,” he says.