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French Hair And Make Up Stylist Florian Hurel Talks About Major Fashion And Style Trends


Jyothi Venkatesh

Retro seems to be the mantra of today when it comes to hair and make up. French hair and make up stylist Florian Hurel says that there are few features of the styles of the 90s which have made their way back today. “Glitter and gunmetal, iridescent makeup, sexy, tousled hair are some of the things which we see today that remind us of the 90s. Besides this, there is visible lip liner, frosted eye shadow, body glitter, accent braids, blown our hair and nude lips,” he says.

Talking about the trends of the 90s, he says that the 1920s were an important decade in make up and hair styles. “Post the end of the 1st world war [1914-1918)

makeup had been deemed inappropriate and only to be worn by a certain type of woman and stage performers. Cinema had a tremendous influence on women, post the wartime recession, new cosmetic products and brands become available. Since it was the black and white era, people could just see the shapes but barely knew colours and tints. At that time, the eye shadows used were dark, soft, smokey and mascara was still a relatively new invention and was used to primarily darken the lashes. I was also known as eyelash beautifier or eyelash darkener,” he says, adding, “In 1923, the eyelash curler was made by Kurlash and it was a success. At that time long and thin eyebrows were in. Also, lip shapes were most associated with the cupid’s bow, manicured nails were in and \having a tan was not fashionable. As for hair, short hair, finger waves hair, were in.”

The 1990s were also an important time in fashion and lifestyle. “It signified the rise of supermodels. They all sported wearable earthy looks, very nude, natural and neutral makeup. The hip-hop movement helped contribute to the baggy and bright clothes. Frosted lipstick was in. These were the most remarkable looks of the 1990 era,” says Florian.

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