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Friendship Day: Celebrities talk about their bond with their best friends


On this Friendship Day, celebrities tell JYOTHI VENKATESH all about their best friends and how they plan to honour them on this special day!

Charrul Malik

My best friend is Meghna Bhawsar. She used to be my stylist and used to handle everything around me. During my anchoring days and even today, we keep talking on the phone, she suggests to me what dress I should wear when she sees me in Bhabiji.

A best friend is someone who wants to see you in the best form in everything. She tells me things that are of my benefit. She has a big heart and always surprises me on my birthday’s.

The biggest thing in friendship is that no matter how far that person is but still he/she is connected to you and knows what you are doing. In today’s time, no one does that .

He is warm, giving and very caring. We think alike and talk about everything. The thing that bonds me with Meghna is our unfiltered conversations where I am not judged. She stays in Churchgate so this friendship day I will go there and give her a surprise and we will have a nice dinner.

She is a businesswoman and not from this industry. She used to support me during my anchoring days since she was in my team. She is just amazing. She is so creative in styling, makeup and hair and no one can do better than her.

She has helped me grow in my career and I am thankful to her for being there for me in my thick and thin. I pray our friendship stays forever and she stays happy always.

Mreenal Deshraj

My best friends are my sisters and now my husband. My sisters are very close to me and over the years my experiences have led me to believe that not family comes first and at the end of the day these are my pillars of support in tough times.

The type of unconditional love that we share has always united us and we would do anything for each other. The latest addition in my life is my husband. He is also my best friend – my counsellor.

This year, in particular, is going to be very special because my sisters and I are getting together in August to celebrate my wedding and to reunite after so many years (due to Covid).

So we’re all gathering in Nagpur from various parts of India and the world and I fully expect this to be a beautiful heart warming occasion because all of my best friends and my brother and my parents and my nephews and nieces and my family will be together.

Vijayendra Kumeria

My best friend is Nirmal Gandhi, he was my batchmate during my first job. We have been great friends since the time I moved to Mumbai.

It’s not that we meet very often and talk over the phone every day but the friendship is strong and we are there whenever we need each other.

I think that understanding and being there for one another is the key for a good friendship. I will definitely meet him and have a couple of drinks with him and celebrate this friendship day.

Saanand Verma

Lalit Nigam is my best friend. His nickname is Rinku and lives in Delhi. He is my childhood friend. He became my friend when I was a teenager. I started working at a very early age so when I was a journalist, I met him in Delhi and we became good buddies.

He is very special to me. We hardly call each other but there is a sense of belonging and love between us which is astonishing.

Whenever I go to Delhi, we spend the entire day, sitting together without having any kind of expectations. We know that we are truly best friends and that’s the quality of a friendship.

Sudhanshu Pandey

Two of my closest friends are Bhavesh Desai and Madalsa Sharma. Bhavesh is a true and loyal friend and has a heart of gold and Madalsa who is my co-actor is again a very transparent person and has an innocence that very few have these days. She is again a very loyal friend who stands by me no matter what.

Nivedita Basu

I wish I had one best friend but at different phases of my life, I have had different best friends. I changed schools, I had those best friends.

I changed one college, one post-grad, so many jobs, I had friends wherever I had been at different stages of life.. My colony, from the same city. So I have so many friends who have been there.

Ashoka Thackur

I have two best friends, Aakash and Ankur. They both are very special to me and we all bond with each other so well. They are ready to help me anywhere anytime without asking any questions and are just a call away.

I trust them a lot and we all share a lovely bond. We all love traveling so on some days we go for long drives like to Lonavala or go for dinners sometimes. I am very lucky to have them.

Riya Sengupta

I have been blessed with bestest friends in my life.. Can’t take one name! It’s Mudit Nayar, Sumrit Shahi, Debanjolie and Trisha. It’s always them.. I would say the word best friend is more like an emotion than just a relation!

It’s a feeling of togetherness without any conditions. In general, we are quite different from each other but at the core we kind of share the similar emotional voyage. We are like unfiltered, and happy souls. We are each other’s strengths and weaknesses!

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