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From Helping A Victim Of An Accident To Taking Fans Out For A Movie Date, Richa Chadha Celebrates ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ Through Positive Social Experiments


The actress spreads the message of random acts of kindness by taking to social media by posting her unique experiences and experiments_

It’s imperative that our screen idols extend their responsibility as social influencers beyond their cinematic outings. Setting an example,once again was Richa Chadha. Many think of her as an outspoken actor who doesn’t shy away from taking a stance. But she recently took to her Instagram account to celebrate ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ as a thought, with a few activities which became  pleasant surprises planned and executed for complete strangers. It started with her offering to go on a movie date with five strangers for Oscar forerunner Jojo Rabbit. She wanted a chance to bond over relevant cinema.

Netizens also showered her with praise for helping an victim of a terrible accident, get timely medical assistance.  She and her manager waited by the victim’s side, made calls to his loved ones and left only after putting him on an ambulance.

Last month a video of Richa handing out holding a placard saying ‘Free Hugs’ on the streets of Mumbai went viral. While in reel life she is known to for her brash characters, seems like Richa’s ready to share her softer side with the world. In times of trolling and divisions, at least someone is using social media for good!

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