From His Basti To Your Playlist, Brodha V’s New Single is All Things Exciting

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From His Basti To Your Playlist, Brodha V’s New Single is All Things Exciting

Rapper & Musician Brodha V has kickstarted the year with yet another banger. The Vainko hitmaker surprised fans today with the release of his new track Basti Bounce. The track features popular content creators, The Jordindian.

The track is being touted to be a sequel to the smash hit Vainko, which was released four years ago. The song went onto becoming one of Brodha V’s biggest hits and being featured on the second season of Family Man. The much anticipated song was released this morning on the rapper’s YouTube channel. After much fan demand the duo came together after four years to recreate their Vainko magic.


Conceptual as is tradition for Brodha V, the video begins in a ‘basti’ where a conflict is brewing. Brodha V is central to ending the conflict with his quintessential swagger and rhymes. The video also featured a surprise appearance from Aishwarya Suresh who also starred in Vainko.

From workout montages to dynamic dance routines, Basti Bounce turns it up a notch with its production value. Basti Bounce is bursting with local flavors; from colorful costumes and a catchy hook step Basti Bounce is all things you’d expect from a Brodha V and Jordindian collaboration.

About the song, Rapper & Musician Brodha V says “We had fans asking us to come together for a while. We really wanted to make sure we recreated the Vainko magic but we did it without being repetitive or boring. Basti Bounce was ready and I wanted a concept for it, that is when I thought this would be the perfect way to bring in The Jordindian and create something dynamic. It was very organic and fortuitous the way it all came together and turned out. Basti Bounce is just an overall fun song and it’s intention is to make you groove and dance. We wanted to give our fans something they could recreate if they wanted to because this is something they clearly love and enjoy.”


The collaboration doesn’t come as a total surprise seeing as how Vineeth was also seen in Bujjima. Basti Bounce is a great way to start the year for the hit maker and there is definitely a lot to look forward to with his upcoming music. “There are definitely a few more surprise collaborations to watch out for” he adds.

The song is out to listen to on all major streaming platforms.

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