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From Reel To Real: Here Is How Guneet Monga And Priti Rathi Gupta Are Empowering Women To Achieve Financial Independence


Jyothi Venkatesh

Much like a visionary director, coupled with a fantastic script, creates a box office blockbuster – a financial planner, coupled with an open-minded investor, can create a superlative plan to achieve financial freedom. Laying credence to this adage is Oscar Award-winning director  Guneet Monga and Financial Entrepreneur and Founder of  LXME, Priti Rathi Gupta,  joined hands to hold the first ‘Financial Fitness’ bootcamp for women in film fraternity at Sikhya Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Versova Mumbai. Both these eminent women were keen on empowering female directors and writers to enjoy a secure financial future irrespective of the uncertainty they face in the film industry.

“It is always exciting and fulfilling to do the financial fitness boot camp for women from different walks of life. Writers, critics, festival curators, producers, actors all came together in a room to learn how to manage their money in a way that powers their career and life. It was an eclectic session, with Guneet sharing her own experience before and after learning about financial planning,” mentioned Priti.

Guneet  Monga said, “it has been an eye-opening experience to learn how best to invest and manage your personal expenses. The bootcamp by LXME’s founder Priti Gupta is an absolute must attend for all women. The bootcamp was a major hit and broke many erstwhile financial myths making all attendees curious on how they can invest better. I have a lot of requests to host more… can’t wait to spread the knowledge.”

Priti further added, “While you all work so hard for money, does your money work as hard as you and for you?”

 The most vital takeaway for the aspiring writers and directors was learning money management as an essential life skill which can be honed during the struggling phase of their career. The importance of financial planning for short, medium and long term goals were highlighted.

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