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Jyothi Venkatesh

India is a country of festivals and the festive season is about to begin with Raksha Bandhan. But because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the various precautionary measures and state-wise regulations, it’s a little difficult to travel this year for Rakhi. But as they say love knows no distance, here are some celebrities sharing with JYOTHI VENKATESH their Raksha Bandhan plans for this year.

Vijayendra Kumeria

My first cousin has been tying Rakhi to me and my brother since childhood. It’s been 10 years now that she moved to Dubai after her wedding. She sends us Rakhi from there and this year too its going to be the same. So COVID is technically not affecting our celebration this year. We have been close since childhood and have all those cute, naughty memories of us. I always hope and pray that she is blessed with good health and wealth.

Khushbhoo Kamal

Because of work I can’t travel from Mumbai to my family in Kanpur and this happens every year. So I send Rakhis for my brothers and my younger sisters tie it on my behalf. It’s been four-five years now that I haven’t been able to tie Rakhi to my brothers personally and I miss them badly. I have two Rakhi brothers in Mumbai too, one is Vishal Vijay Kumar, who is a writer, I tie Rakhi to him every year so this year also I will go to his house. Another is Mohammad Saud Mansuri, a child artist.

Ashna Kishore

Rakhi is a very special day for me because of my twin brother Abhishek, who has taken care of me like an elder brother. I am glad that he is here with me in this pandemic and I will be able to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with him. Earlier it was not possible because of work schedules as he lives in Delhi. I have one Rakhi brother in Mumbai too. His name is Ramansh Bundela and I met him on the set of ‘Meri Durga’ where he played the role of my brother and since then our on-screen bond became off-screen too. I am so blessed to have him in my life, though he is younger to me, he has always taken care of me and protected me. But this time, unfortunately, I won’t be able to celebrate Rakhi with him as he is in his home town due to this pandemic.

Ankit Siwach

A lot has changed this year, and the same goes for the Raksha Bandhan celebrations. It has been a while that I celebrated Rakhi with my cousin sisters as all of us are settled in various parts of the world, which makes it all the more difficult to meet every year. So usually we video call each other and celebrate, Rakhis and gifts are exchanged through deliveries. This year, the delivery system has also faced the impact, therefore for the safety of our families, we would be avoiding any long-distance gifting. But yes, the love and excitement grows each passing year, it’s the best time to show the love to your siblings.

Amal Sehrawat

 It’s going to be a Zoom call Rakhi this time. The first thought that comes to my mind when I remember my sibling is that our relationship always remains pure and unaffected from any kind of negativity.

Rishina Kandhari

By the grace of god my brother lives in the same building with my parents so as usual, we will have a grand celebration. Now that I’ve started shooting, he makes sure that I carry my mask, sanitizer,  and take care of myself on the set. Above all he has taken over cooking too. He makes my lunch and packs home-cooked food for me and before leaving for work my basket is ready for takeaway. I really feel blessed to have my family with me in this crazy COVID times. I love my brother very much I call him my firstborn as he’s younger to me.

Amit Sarin

 This year too I am here in L.A. while my sister is in Mumbai. Every year on Raksha Bandhan, she would cook my favorite dishes. My kids are extremely close to her. One of my fondest memory while growing up was waking up to her playing sitar in the mornings. She plays a very good sitar. It still echoes in my head. I miss her and this year it will be a celebration on a video call.

Aniruddh Dave

 I had planned to travel to Jaipur for Raksha Bandhan, but this pandemic has made things difficult. I wanted to surprise her with something special, but COVID ruined my plans. In Jaipur during Raksha Bandhan all my cousins gather, so it becomes a big family celebration. This year it’s going to be a grand celebration on a video call I guess.

Sharad Malhotra

It’s going to be a virtual Rakhi celebration this time too. Even last year I couldn’t travel during Rakhi as I was busy with work and this year the pandemic has put a full stop on all our plans. I am the younger one and my sister is eight years elder to me, so she has always been protective of me and since the time I came to my senses, it has been the same from my side too. She is like a  mother figure to me. We still bond the same, nothing has changed between us. We have always celebrated Rakshabandhan at my house back in Kolkata. My fondest memory of Raksha Bandhan would be of 2018 when I went to Kolkata in 2018 and met my sister and my cousins after seven months. They cooked my favourite meal, from Rajma chawal to Gajar Ka Halwa. My sister had even surprised me with a very expensive watch at that time.