FWICE lifts the Non Cooperation Directive imposed on your good self

By Team Bollyy
New Update
PRESS RELEASE: FWICE Issues A Non-Cooperation Directive Against Gauahar Khan

In a letter addressed to actress Gauahar Khan, with reference to the non cooperation directive issued by FWICE on her -  Jyothi Venkatesh

They have informed her that upon receiving her request in writing supported by the letter received from M/s Alchemy Productions LLP regarding their request to allow her to continue shoot of their project.


Wherein she is the lead actress, the office bearers of the FWICE have decided to consider her request and revoke the Non Cooperation Directive imposed on her.

In view of the increasing number of COVID-19 infected patients in Maharashtra, the FWICE has taken the decision to impose the Non Cooperation Directive on you for two months as she was found not abiding by the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Government for fighting against the Pandemic.

Being the lead actress her act had endangered the health & lives of the entire crew and it was not acceptable by the FWICE at any cost.

Now that she has already completed the quarantine period, it is safe for her to resume her work and the FWICE therefore permits her to continue her shooting work with immediate effect.

However, Ashok Dubey, Hon Gen Sewc FWICE says they look forward to her cooperation in abiding by all the rules & regulations of the FWICE and the Government to control the spread of this deadly disease.

If Gauhar fails to do so, the FWICE shall once again be compelled to impose the irrevocable Non Cooperation Directive upon her and hence hope she understands the concern and does the needful accordingly.

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