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Ganesh Chaturthi, the joyous Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha, is just around the corner, and the beloved cast of Sony SAB 's ' Wagle Ki Duniya ' is all set to immerse themselves in the joy and devotion of this auspicious occasion. As they prepare to welcome Lord Ganesha into their hearts and homes, the spirit of unity shines brightly in the Wagle family, reflecting the essence of this wonderful festival. _ _ _ _ _ _


Sumeet Raghavan, who plays the role of Rajesh Wagle in Sony SAB's show Wagle Ki Duniya

Sumeet Raghavan

Mumbai In born to be And grew up _ to be Of cause, me Good Kind Memory Is That Childhood in, I How Our parents _ _ Of with Ganapati To Home to bring Of For go Was. Air In spread enthusiastic, lively Decoration And ' Ganpati' bappa Morya's _ mantra Pure devotion And Happiness Of environment made give Were. From this I faith Of Importance And Solidarity Of Value Learned. Today also, when Our Family Of with Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates I am, so Me They darling Moment Memory Come going Are. And Our Wagle Family of a kind, this festival Too Unity And Love Of Sign Is. As Rajesh Our Family To One with to keep of Effort does yes, by the way, hee Ganapati Bappa Too All To near bring Are. This year, I personal Form From celebrations And loved ones Of with Solidarity of Wait Tax Stayed Am. ,



Pariva Pranati who plays the character of Vandana Wagle in Sony SAB's show Wagle Ki Duniya said

Pariva Pranati

Ganapati obstacles To away to do ones destroyer of obstacles are, and My Accept Is That it Festival Us Our dreams Of near brings Is. it As such Time Is When People love, unity And devotion From drenched yes going Are. it Look Incredible Is That we ' wagle of in the world Our characters From Gin Original ideals To Express Do are, this Festival How from them joins Is. it That Strong relations Of reflection Is whom We onscreen And offscreen shared Do Are. personal Form From also, we Absolutely Any Too Mango Indian Family of Kind Real Excitement Of with celebration Celebrating Are. This Family Of All Members open Heart From Our Life In God Ganesh Of Welcome to do Of For One with coming Are. My For, Ganesh Chaturthi loved ones From to meet And Wool relationships To cherish Of Time Is Who Our Life To Beautiful making Are. ,



Anjaan Srivastava, who plays the role of Srinivas Wagle in Sony SAB 's show Wagle Ki Duniya

Aanjjan Srivastav

“ This Festival Our Family of Unity And Always Our Guidance to do one God Ganesh Of Blessings Of Sign Is. When Bappa of talk comes yes, then Me Faith And association of deep Feeling would have Is. Knowledge And inclusivity of teachings, which Our Show Wagle of World Of Original In are, me Inspired does live are, whose with I This Festival To Our onscreen And offscreen Family Of with celebrates Am. ,



Bharti Achrekar who plays the character of Radhika Wagle in Sony SAB's show Wagle Ki Duniya

Bharti Achrekar

“ This Festival Big beauty From Memory provides Is That Life Of Truthful Pleasure small _ _ happiness And Our loved ones Of with shared did Went Love In vested yes, ours Show Too these ideals Of Representation does Is. I am One Traditional Marathi Family In Big Happened am, and Our For Ganesh Chaturthi Always From One gorgeous Celebration Stayed Is. Home But Ganapati Bappa Of to come From every Any Of Life In Very all positivity And lights comes is, and it Some? As such Is Who Wagle of World Of Summary From Depth From Match Account Is. it Life of sweetness Of Celebration is, and That Thing Of I To all More wait does Am He Is Modak !”


Chinmayi Salvi, who plays the role of Sakhi Wagle in Sony SAB's show Wagle Ki Duniya

Chinmayee Salvi

" Ganesh Chaturthi My Favorite festivals In From One Is. I every Year his Wait does Am. My cousins And My it every Year Of custom is, where We One with together Soil From Own eco - friendly Ganesh Yes of statue making Are. it Our cutie And funny bonding is, and achievement of Emotion Always Invaluable would have Is. My for, this Only tradition Of about In No is, rather connection make And the friendship of Emotion Of celebration to convince Of about In Too yes, enough extent till like that hee As That We Wagle of World In near From connected community watching Are. ,


Sheehan Kapahi, who plays the role of Atharva Wagle in Sony SAB's show Wagle Ki Duniya

Sheehan Kapahi

“ Ganesh Chaturthi symbolizes the feeling of making a new beginning with enthusiasm and positivity. Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with the cast of ' Wagle Ki Duniya ' was a heartwarming experience as we welcomed Lord Ganesha into the story of our show. _ _ The unity and camaraderie among the star cast and crew members showcased the essence of the festival. _ I feel that Bappa's blessings are a very important key to achieving new heights and success, and this year, I look forward to seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha for our journey ahead with my onscreen family. ,



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