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Ganpati Has Been Very Lucky For Kunal Nirola 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Ganpati is a very special time for actor Kunal Nirola. The actor has seen his life transform the blessings of Ganpati. Talking about it, he says, “Ganpati has been very lucky to me. Whenever I used to go for Ganpati at my friends place, I used to feel so blessed. I used to feel positive and after that, I used to get a lot of work. I feel Ganpati Bappa is very lucky for me,” he says. The actor will be shooting in Mumbai this year on Ganpati days. “On Ganpati visarjan, almost everything is closed and it gets very crowded. It’s been 2 years that I have shifted to Mumbai, so what I do is I go to Punjab and come back on visarjan. But this year, I will be shooting so I will be in Mumbai,” he says, adding, “I have never kept a Ganpati at my place but I have been to my friends’ places who keep Ganpati. This year, many of my friends have got Ganpati at home this year, including one of the mentors, who has brought a Ganpati. So I will be visiting him on the last day for visarjan. It’s quite fun on Ganesh Chaturthi. I love the festive atmosphere, it’s very colorful , it reminds me of Holi played in north,  it’s very nice.”The actor plans on getting a Ganpati home next year. “Last year, I saw people getting huge Ganpati idols and I was surprised seeing that people keep such big idols at home. Even my society keeps Ganapati every year but as this year I will be here in Mumbai, I will enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi in every way I can. I am not keeping Ganpatiji as I am shooting and I cannot take care of them properly so it’s not possible. I wish I could keep it and I am sure I will keep Ganpati at my place very soon, maybe next year,” he says.

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