Gaurav Chopra: Put as much petrol in the car as the car needs to run

By Muskan Taneja
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Question - Are you one of those who eat whatever and stay fit?

Answer - Yes, it can happen to me that I can eat anything and stay fit because if I eat sweets today, I will not eat sweets for the next few days. Doesn't stop himself from eating anything and doesn't overeat anything.


Question - What do you eat more in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Answer - I eat very simple food and I eat only 2 meals a day. I eat more protein, but it is not that there are no carbs, there is always some rice and a small roti along with salad. It is very important to eat one fruit a day.


Question - At what time do you eat your last meal?

Answer - I eat till 9-9:30 and sleep till 12 o'clock.


Question - Do you like to wake up early or stay awake all night?

Answer - Waking up all night.


Question - Your favorite meal?

Answer - Time to eat fruits.


Question - Your favorite cuisine?

Answer - Change keeps happening and nowadays it is Italian.


Question - Which time is best for workout?

Answer - Any time after which you can give yourself rest.


Question - Good alcohol?

Answer - I don't drink, I don't smoke so I have no idea about all these.


Question - Your favorite good salty?

Answer - Peanuts, makhana or gram and jaggery.


Gaurav Chopra

Question - Your favorite street food?

Answer - everything


Question - Your favorite food for cheat day?

Answer - When you go to North India in winter, then you will get carrot halwa, dal halwa, almond halwa and whole gram.


Question - Have you made some changes in life?

A: I don't go to the gym that much anymore.


Question - Would you like to give any fitness tip to your fans?

Answer - Yes, put as much petrol in the car as the car needs to run.

Gaurav Chopra


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