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Gaurav Gera On His Popular Social Media Videos And Posts


Jyothi Venkatesh

Gaurav Gera is someone who is extremely popular on social media whether it is his own characters like a shopkeeper, Aadu, Bata or Rinupa Roy Gera’s humor is appreciated by his followers. Recently the cyber cell of Mumbai Police has registered a complaint against a group of TikTok users who have posted videos pertaining to the alleged lynching of Tabrez Ansari. What do you want to say about it? Gaurav says,” The boys who had made this video,  are very popular figures online and have an amazing following base. They are sweet boys and they also have videos where they are talking about unity and peace. Just one video has led to the complaint. I was told that those boys have deleted that video. They are very young and life shouldn’t be so strict for them. They have also realized that they have made a mistake and that’s why deleted the video. This thing also makes you realize that as a popular person, you have to be careful about what you say.” On his own creation, Gaurav adds,” I think life is fun and I don’t make things difficult or complicated. I do what I like to do and it is my personality. I like to make mad videos as I find it boring to dub the film dialogues. I like to do something different and people give me a lot of love also. I get inspired by common people and with the things which happen in life and with that I just add the madness and create the videos. I agree in life you have to have opinions and it is necessary to judge with what you stand by. Today the internet users are at a very young age, especially on  Tik Tok. It is necessary to bring understanding as politics and religion in itself are delicate subjects and as a creator, we should respect that.” Speaking about the love and followers he is getting on social media Gaurav shares,”I get a lot of love and someone told me that to become successful a bit of hatred is necessary. I don’t believe in it as I like to be in a happy zone. I make all my videos with love and not for just the sake of making it. I work at my own pace. For me making videos is a hobby cum work. I make the small stories (Instagram)  every day which disappear after 24 hours. I feel the audience wants something new. The proper videos which I make for the platform are usually very less as I don’t have any fixed schedule.”

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