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Gautam Rode Learns Kathak For His Upcoming Play


Jyothi Venkatesh

Gautam Rode is one actor who believes in versatility and has been seen donning different avatars each time on screen.  After having dabbled already with television and films, this time around Gautam will be seen for the first time acting in a play titled Aarohi.  However, there are many firsts for Gautam as the actor has taken on the challenge of playing a kathak dancer for this project. Speaking about the play Gautam reveals, “I have never really had any classical dance training and hence for me this is a dual challenge.  As an actor performing in front of a camera is very different from performing in front of a live audience on stage.  There is no room for retakes as you have one and only one take.  And to add to it all, I have had to learn classical dance which in itself had sounded impossible to me when the makers had approached me for the first time.  But I thought to myself, how does an actor grow if one can’t face these challenges? We are sometimes so comfortable repeating ourselves which really leaves no room for growth.  And hence I am not only going to be acting in front of a live audience but I will also be performing kathak, which is one of the most difficult forms of classical dance.”  Already having dabbled with several mediums the actor is keen on exploring more and he says,. “Each medium has its own beauty and way of working.  Television comes with its household reach and longer running shows while films are shorter projects and shot very different.  With theatre the thrill of instant feedback is completely unique!  And I am looking forward to doing web and digital as well because those mediums too are very different!  The audience watching this content thinks differently and the content must compete with the best of shows internationally,” says Gautam.

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