Gen Z Actor and Supermodel Ishita Gupta blocks Kangana Ranaut, says “Enjoy Azkaban, darling.” Here’s the tea.

Gen Z Actor and Supermodel Ishita Gupta blocks Kangana Ranaut, says “Enjoy Azkaban, darling.” Here’s the tea.
Kangana Ranaut, is often seen slamming some or the other personality on social media and has now turned her attention to Gen Z, who seem to have irked the actress. According to her the Gen Z can’t afford to buy homes, hate to commit and are too lazy to even have sex. She even tagged them as ‘gajar muli’. She wrote on her Instagram Story: “Gen Z… HA HA their limbs and legs are like sticks, they spend most of their time on phones than actually interacting, observing or reading, they are incapable of consistency and seriously believe that they should simply be given the post of Boss who they don’t respect because their Boss believes in discipline and came up hard way and GenZ only respect quick success.”

She added: “GenZ loves starbuks and Avocado toast but can’t afford to buy a home, they can rent branded clothes to impress on SM but hate to commit or marry, studies even show that they are too lazy to have sex as well, the woke worm GenZ are literally like gajar muli..” “ROLLING EYES AND SILLY SLANG GENz is easy to influence manipulate even brain wash. well!! millennials are so much better, we rule!! how about some yoga, sports and exercise GenZ …?”
Following this global Gen Z supermodel and actress Ishita Gupta announced buying her first house in Mumbai. The actress paid a whopping amount for the 1 BHK apartment which is in the Andheri West Neighbourhood in Mumbai. Soon after she was seen celebrating her first crash pad at Julianos Bistro in Mayfair. She flaunted posing with a mouth smacking sea food pasta dish finished with avocado slices and a star bucks reusable coffee cup in a Christian Dior outfit grooving to the iconic song from the movie Pathaan, “Besharam Rang.” She captioned the post saying, “Celebrating buying my first house in Mumbai with Starbucks + Avocado, in my own clothes cz the brands I wear don’t rent
Just #GenZ things….” The cover of her post stated “ Keep Calm I Love My Boss.”
Gen Z Actor and Supermodel Ishita Gupta blocks Kangana Ranaut, says “Enjoy Azkaban, darling.” Here’s the tea. (1)
Following this she gave her fans a tour of the ultra rich Mayfair neighbourhood that she resides in London which is opposite the Dunhill House.
She even changed her social media bio to Gen Z | Boss + Apple + Starbucks forever | Commited to Amardeep Ranaut | Step Chikdren – Kangana, Rangoli, Akshat
Soon after Kangana attacked her again indirectly on twitter by posting a video celebrating her designer’s birthday captioning it by saying “ Surprised legendary consume designer Neeta Lulla on her birthday today.
Working for many decades for legends like Sridevi, Juhi, Aishwarya, winning awards and accolades for movies like Darr, Hum dil de chuke sanam, Devdaas, Akbar Jodha, Manikarnika,Thalaivii and hundreds more Still she is the first person to reach the sets even on her birthday, these are the last of the legends, GenZ will never know the addiction of such unwavering commitment, passion, sacrifice and selflessness for Art, it’s beyond name fame or financial gains. Happy Birthday maam ”
Soon after this Ishita posted her educational qualifications. The actor is a pass out of the prestigious Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication and is currently enrolled in a masters program from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts – one of the finest acting institutions in the world to which kangana replied to by posting a throwback post of her movie #Queen. She even shared her pictures from NYFA where she did a direction course from in 2014. “After almost a decade long struggle I was told I am too good an actor to be a Bollywood leading lady, curly hair and vulnerable voice made it worse, I signed Queen thinking this will never release, signed it for money with that money I went to film school in Newyork” wrote Kangana.
To which Ishita replied by sharing some photos of her entrepreneurial venture which is a tourism company that caters to the Uber rich by renting out super cars, yachts and limousines. She ended the debate with grace and dignity and just when we thought peace has been preserved as soon as Kangana attacked her again on twitter, Ishita was quick to show us all how it’s done by blocking Kangana Ranaut. Kangana attempted to get her to react tweeting “Those who are still struggling to understand yeh liberals kya hote hain and now there is another keeda called wokism, let me tell you what is the difference, to be a liberal one must grow intellect/study literature, lekin GenZ who are too lazy to do that lekin shaitano Ki sena ko kaise join kiya jaye , toh GenZ ke liye alag battalion banayi gayi hai,inko woke bana diya gaya hai, they are liberals minus literature. Socho liberals mein ek he achchi baat thi you could at least debate with them, they had brain muscles, these wokes are like zombies.”
Following this Ishita kept it classy as she shared her A level marksheets where she received straight As for Literature, History and Geography and a link of a blog from the UK government’s website on the importance of implementation of sex education which states : “Relationships Education has been compulsory for all pupils receiving primary education and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for all pupils receiving secondary education. Health Education is now compulsory in all schools too.”
Soon after she blocked Kangana of all her socials and shared a post on her official instagram handle sharing screenshots of the same captioning “ Today I will show you guys how to deal with negative energy vampires – block them on instagram block them on twitter and block them on fb – it’s that simple . Enjoy Azkaban Darling,” she added.
Clearly Ishita is not interested in engaging with Kangana on any debate and preserved grace by choosing not to attack her in return and by just simply ending the matter by hitting the block button. Attitude huh? We are impressed.