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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

“Getting physical with a partner if you are swayed by genuine emotions is but natural” VRADDHI SHARMA


VRADDHA SHARMA tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that she is playing the role of a nurse in the short film Corona Yodha, which is dedicated to doctors, nurses, police and others who are constantly fighting for us to protect us from Covid19.

What are the necessary precautions that you are taking to combat the dreaded Corona Virus?

We are facing this crucial time but we all have to battle it out courageously. We have to be positive enough to think that everything will be fine soon.

I am taking care of cleanliness at my home , sanitizing products which are brought from outside , washing hands regularly, wearing mask if going out and most importantly, we have to be positive that this shall too pass we will soon revive our normal lives.

How would you describe yourself as a person in the first place?

I would describe myself as a balanced person. I don’t believe in extremes of everything, as I feel that one should both maintain culture and modernism..

How did you bag your first break as an actor?

I was associated with the company Onida in the marketing, and been to Bright Advertising for company purpose where I met some director who suggested that I should try to get into acting. That’s it came into my mind that I should take up acting. I did my first ad of Home18.

What is your plus point as a person?

I am confident and jolly by nature, as a person.

What is your minus point as a person?

My minus is that I am too sensitive and moody as a person.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses in Bollywood today?

My favorite actors are Salman Khan, Rajkummar Rao, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt.

What is your role in the short films Kumar Rajesh’s Corona Yodha and Vicky Khandpur’s For God’s Sake?

While I play the role of a housewife in the short film For God’s Sake, I play the role of a nurse in the short film Corona Yodha, which is dedicated to doctors, nurses, police and others who are constantly fighting for us to protect us from Covid19.

What is the major difference between acting in a feature film and a short film?

Though technically it’s different with the different directors you set out to work with, the time period is short for shooting in short films and long for feature film. However, my acting dedication as far as acting is concerned, is the same in both.

How ready are you as far as shedding your clothes in front of the camera is concerned?

I am not very much comfortable in shedding my clothes because first and foremost, it is my mission to mark myself by my performance.

To what extent would you be comfortable as far as passionate kissing scenes are concerned in today’s times?

My willing to do passionate kissing scenes only depends on the banner and I will be game only if the film is being produced by a well known banner

What is virginity according to you?

Today’s culture has changed absolutely. Today, teenagers are having affairs unabashedly.

Virginity is not at all a big deal today like in the past because it depends on how you connect with your partner and how things go in a flow nowadays.

What do you think of sex before marriage today?

Sex is something which I feel is very natural to the core. Relationship is happening before marriage and sex is well known in our country, which was the first to invent kamasutra and hence getting physical with a partner if you are swayed by genuine emotions is but natural.

To what extent, do you think that a condom is very necessary for a young woman of today?

Taking precautions with the aid of a condom is very necessary for every human being today, because, besides loving others, it is imperative that you also love yourself too.

What is the major difference between love and lust today?

Love is pure and very well connected to your soul and heart, whereas lust occurs when your eyes are attracted only to a body.

Do you believe in living together with the guy of your choice in sin before marriage?

Yes. Living in sin before one’s marriage is not at all bad in my eyes if you have the right man of your choice.

I feel that today the reason you can see divorce rates are increased in India due only due to lack of understanding and ego. It’s better to understand each other well and only then proceed for marriage.

Which part of a man’s anatomy do you like the most as a female?

I love hugs a lot and so obviously I like a man’s chest the best out of all other parts of his.

What do you think about gays and lesbians today in society?

Frankly, gays and lesbians are absolutely out of my mind as I don’t understand how one can indulge in these unnatural things and behave abnormally in today’s society.

If you are marooned all alone in an island, with whom would you like to spend one night?

Vicky Kaushal

How would you react if someone called you sexy on road?

I will definitely feel offended, especially if the person is stranger to me as I am of the opinion that one should have respect for females and think about the dignity of females

What kind of a man turns you off?

A person with vicious thoughts and who doesn’t know how to carry himself off well puts me off.

Are you open to act in TV serials or web series?

I would prefer to act in TV serials and web series to the extent that there is no vulgarity or bold scenes in them.

What do you think about the syndrome of the casting couch? Have you faced casting couch at any time?

Casting couch seems to be like a curse. You can’t compare a person’s values with work, which is an art. It does happen between two people mutually on a reciprocal basis and is not like a deal. Fortunately for me, frankly I have not at all faced it.

Is it good to judge people on the basis of their complexion?

No one should be judged unless and until you know someone well. I believe in judging people by nature and not by color.

To what extent, do you believe in destiny?

Destiny of course matters in life because I feel that everything is pre -decided and written.

Do you think that luck is just an excuse to those who lack talent?

Luck matters but hard work and talent also matter equally, because without hard work and talent even your luck will not support you.