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“Getting the right kind of role on TV is a gamble!, says Aparna Dixit


With shows such as Pyaar Ki Luka Chuppi and web series such as Exit in her filmography, actress Aparna Dixit says that she is now open to taking up different kinds of roles on the small screen – Jyothi Venkatesh

The actress says that she only signs a role that she is very sure about on TV as it’s a long commitment.

“I am actually waiting for the right kind of story, the right character and budget to fall in place because if you have been doing TV for quite some time, you feel that you should get to choose your character, and you get the budget that you expect as well.

A lot of things have to fall in place because it’s a long commitment. You have to sign a contract and for that, you have to be completely satisfied with the character, storyline, production house, budget.

So that’s the reason I thought of experimenting with OTT as it’s a short commitment and within 20-25 days, one web series gets completed,” she says.

However, she is open to playing grey characters as well, something she has never done before. “I have always got a positive lead to play.

I love it and the way the audience showers their love for you and the way they connect with you feels nice.

As a person, I am just like the characters that I have played till now so I also connect with the characters deeply and because of this, I am more than willing to play a positive lead.

But I definitely want to explore a grey character as well because TV has also changed now. We are seeing different roles than what we used to see earlier.

I have seen amazing actresses playing amazing roles like Jennifer Winget in Beyhadh. I am very fond of her and especially the character that she played in the show.

I will definitely love to experiment with something in the grey shade as well. The transformation will be amazing. As it’s said, every person has a positive and negative side, so I would definitely want to bring in that grey shade out as well,” she says.

The actress adds that getting the right kind of role on TV is a gamble and it all depends on luck at the end of the day. “it is quite difficult to get a role of your choice because it’s not necessary that whichever character is narrated to you, you like that.

It’s possible that the character that you like, for that so many more people, have been approached.

So, I feel that the character you get to play is destined to come to you. Whatever is there in your destiny will happen.

Whatever roles I have got, I have played them with all my heart and the people who were involved in the show believed in me as well. Patience is the key, especially in this field more than in any other field.

During the times when you don’t have anything, you don’t have to give up, neither feel low and always stay positive. I try my best to do that,” she says.

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