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The last 10 years, Indian Cinema theatres have been under threats from different ‘enemies’ like OTT platforms and of course those tiny mobiles which many took for granted once and have now become something that most or almost all human beings cannot do without – ALI PETER JOHN

And the onslaught of the pandemic came as a blessing for the OTT platforms and the audience which once used to rush to single screen theatres and multiplexes and line up to buy tickets in advance or buy tickets after standing in long queues found these OTT platforms the ideal ways to sit in the comfort of their homes and watch their favourite, not so favourite and even films they didn’t like or even hated because after all they didn’t have to take all the trouble and spend all the extra money to get out of their houses and watch films.

Halfway down the pandemic people watching films of any kind and even blue films or call them pornographic films have become the way of life for not only adults but also for school going and college going students who found it easy to gain access to such ‘dirty films’ and watch them in the privacy of their rooms and bedrooms without their parents knowing of their activity and even in some cases even with the parents joining them.

There were several cases of such activities found out especially in northern India and in all the remote areas of the major cities of the country.

Watching films on these OTT platforms not only became a habit in families, but also became a kind of threat to society and its values and principles but the viewership of these OTT platform only kept growing and the number of subscribers to these OTT platforms kept growing and the audience didn’t mind paying because they had nothing else to do during the lockdowns and watching any kind of films became their favourite pastime.

And what they couldn’t see in theatres and multiplexes, they could see in their homes and they could even see whatever films they wanted all through the nights because they have no rules to follow and no moral police or any kind of police to keep guard over them.

This alarming growth of OTT platforms led to people almost neglecting or forgetting the habit of watching films in Cinema halls and what was once considered a close door activity was now an open door pass time for people of all ages.

Young men and women who stayed home for lack of work found work in finding new films to watch on these OTT platforms and made them an interesting way of passing time.

They had certainly and surely forgotten what it was to go out and see films in all those large and small theatres.

A little before the pandemic boys and girls used to talk about the different kinds of daring films without their elders knowing but now talking about daring films had become the in thing.

And blue films and talking about them had grown outdated. We were making progress, thanks to the flourishing of the OTT platforms.

The Cinema halls and multiplexes have opened up, but who can stop the growth of these OTT platforms which have become the brave new source of endless and exciting film entertainment?

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