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Gift to Access Life Assistance Foundation, through Amrita Fadnavis’ Divyaj Foundation


Divyaj Foundation of Amrita Fadnavis is a leading reputed NGO whose sole objective is to reach out to the marginalized and underprivileged sections of the society and improve their standard of living. Not only this, Divyaj Foundation undertakes various projects in line with their vision of empowerment through knowledge, skill development and financial support. Divyaj Foundation is constantly implementing new projects for key areas like education, financial independence, medicine, work skill set, health and nutrition.Access Life Assistance Foundation provides temporary but affordable housing for children undergoing cancer treatment and their parents or caregivers.

On Saturday 16th September 2022 Smt. Amrita Fadnavis visited Access Life Assistance Foundation along with members of the foundation, during which she interacted with the children and parents there. Meanwhile, Divyaj Foundation also provided financial assistance to all the children along with gifts. Along with this, an 11-year-old little magician entertained everyone to add some laughs to the lives of children undergoing cancer treatment. Divyaj Foundation is always trying to do something new for them by giving importance to many issues in the society, in which they always get the support and guidance of Amrita Fadnavis.

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