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Global Curry Queen Sarah Ali Choudhury Comes To India 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sarah Ali Choudhury, a TV chef, a multi award winner and an Indian food expert joins hands with internationally renowned Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Sarah, famously known as Curry Queen in UK is also recognised by Forbes as the leader of Asian Women in catering. Having established herself as one of the youngest Asian women to manage an Indian restaurant, Sarah is an experienced chef who has built a reputation for delivering simple, yet delicious Indian recipes. Sarah takes immense pride in promoting not just Indian cuisines but also Indian Culture. So Sarah, who is a resident of UK but a true desi at heart prefers to wear a Sari always.

Sarah is listed in the F: Entrepreneur #ialso100 List for being in the top 100 Female entrepreneurs in the UK. She also likes to guide women who want to join the catering business thus promoting more and more women entrepreneurs in this business. The Curry Queen believes her foundation was built in India. And she is keen to come back to her roots to give back to the business community in India. With her passion for Indian Food and Bollywood, she has aptly joined hands with the globally renowned Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to take her ideas further here. Sarah Ali Choudhury will visit India soon to manifest her ideas into reality.

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