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Jyothi Venkatesh- Pioneering charitable giving digital platform Elbi has announced the launch of the first ever philanthropic rewards-based subscription service in India, Elbi India.

Elbi India will harness the power of technology and storytelling to leverage and transform the lives of millions of Indians by providing a new web and mobile friendly charity platform, to encourage the people of India to subscribe to a community-based service in which they are rewarded for their charitable donations.Co-founded by global supermodel and Philanthropist Natalia Vodianova and tech entrepreneur and impact investor, Timon Afinsky, Elbi India is the latest initiative from the Elbi landscape, which launched in January 2018. Originally launched as an app, and named by Apple as one of their most innovative ways to give back in 2018, the Elbi app has been featured as Apple’s “App of the Day” and operates in over 80 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Spain, France and India.

Now available on smartphone devices and online in India, the Elbi India platform will enable millions of people across India to join a club of like-minded people who want to make India a better place.They are inspired on the platform to support causes they care about and through Instagram and WhatsApp, users will discover how their subscription is making a difference as well as hearing about the exciting rewards. The benefiting charities include the likes of Magic Bus, Cry India, UNFPA (the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency) and WE Movement. As a reward for subscribing, users will gain access to some of the most exclusive products, events and opportunities as part of an entirely unique and unprecedented reward system, the Elbi‘LoveShop’. Elbi India subscribers are rewarded with ‘LoveCoins’, which amount to a unique currency for the latest gifts and treats. Each rupee equals to one LoveCoin and for every month of subscription comes more coins as a reward. LoveCoins can be used to redeem anything from the latest high-end fashion accessory to securing tickets to the next must-attend exclusive event. Elbi India also rewards subscribers with the ElbiDrop, which gives them the chance to win exciting experiences as rewards for ‘doing good’, whether these are with Bollywood personalities, fashion icons or sports stars.

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Elbi India is launching with a view to exploring the true potential of one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Philanthropic giving has become more efficient in India, with the rising numbers of middle-class donors rising. India’s middle class is set to grow rapidly from up to 80 million today to 580 million by 2025, making up 41% of the population[1]. The most promising aspect lies in the fact that India is home to a fifth of the world’s youth, with 600 million below the age of 25[2], more than half of the nation’s population. Elbi India’s rewards-based system will look to connect with the next generation of change makers who want to make their mark by making Indian society better.Prior to the launch of Elbi India, Natalia already had a strong emotional connection with India, having been named as Vogue India’s Woman of the Year in 2017 for her philanthropic endeavors with Elbi. With Elbi operating on a global level, its portfolio of high impact initiatives continues to impact lives in multiple corners of the globe. Speaking on why now was the perfect time to launch Elbi India, Natalia Vodianova added: “India is a global leader and has the potential to become a front-runner in achieving several goals for people and the planet. India is therefore our first country of choice in the region and if we can help make an impact here, we will make an impact everywhere.”

Co-Founder Timon Afinsky talked about the power of tech and philanthropy: “India is one of the world’s leading digital and tech hubs, with great tech proliferation and a greater appetite for innovation. In fact, over 150 million users now transact digitally, and the Internet user base is expected to grow to 850 million by 2022, from 450 million in 2017. Elbi India will open up new ways for philanthropic-minded Indians to contribute towards the causes they are passionate for, as per the digital age that we live in.We placed critical emphasis on the UI design and the UX, and the experience is innovative, seamless and engaging.”Elbi India has gained support from social impact champions and personalities around the world, including advisory board member Isha Ambani, who has supported Elbi for the past three years and has been instrumental in bringing the platform to India.

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