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After facing many controversies by several women’s rights group, now Ram Gopal Varma’s God, Sex, and Truth to face some legal issues. The movie features Mia Malkova who is an American porn actress. The movie revolves around the actress monologue about her sexuality, about the role of women in society and the patriarchal bonds that attempt to tie them. This is a short adult documentary.

After every controversy, RGV maintained that he is not shooting the “movie” in India but abroad and for those who don’t know, making a pornographic film in India is not legal.

But according to a report in a local paper, an activist has now claimed that she had evidence that Varma filmed God, Sex and Truth in Hyderabad as against his claim of shooting it in Europe. The activist also claims to have pictures which support their claim that the porn star had flown down to Hyderabad for the shoot.

Meanwhile, RGV took to Twitter and wrote

The movie was released on January 27, 2018, on Vimeo On Demand.

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