Realm of Memories: Actress Shyama's wedding and many stories

This film world is a strange city. When people romance here, it seems that they are already married. And when they get married, it is known that the time has come for divorce.

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Realm of Memories Actress Shyama's wedding and many stories
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This film world is a strange city. When people romance here, it seems that they are already married. And when they get married, it is known that the time has come for divorce. The limit is that even people who have lived like brother and sister for years become husband and wife. And those whose marriage news gets published, then they are seen denying it. That is why it is said that the people here are like a camel whose no spine is straight.

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For 12-14 years, producer-director Raj Kumar Kohli (who is now releasing Naagin) and Nishi (who is presenting Naagin) lived together as brother and sister. One day it was revealed that both of them had got married. And now they have also become parents. Rajesh Khanna and Anju Mahendu's romance was going on so loudly that seeing her interference in Rajesh's life, people used to say that both of them had secretly got married. But despite this, the world saw that Rajesh, who could not even imagine life without Anju, got married to Dimple. There were similar rumors about Jaya-Amitabh in the same era. But both of them used to deny everything except 'friendship'. The limit is that even on the day of marriage when people came to know, there was a denial from the house until the pictures of their marriage were published in the newspapers.

I intend to tell you the interesting circumstances of one such marriage that took place 22 years ago. From this, you will get an idea that this kind of drama is a holiday for the filmy people.

 Sazaa (1951) - IMDb

The famous actress of that time Shyama got married to a well-known cinematographer Fali Mistry (in whose film 'Saza' she was the co-heroine) but both of them did not announce it on their own. When the news of this marriage was published in newspapers and magazines, Shyama strongly denied the news and called it baseless. But soon after its publication, Shyama's father Haji Mehrdin gave a statement confirming the marriage which completely throws light on the circumstances and Shyama's truth and lies come out. Haji ji's statement of 22 years ago was as follows.

"A lot of rumors are being spread in the film industry regarding the marriage of my daughter Khurshid alias Shyama. A lot has been published in newspapers and magazines as well. That is why I want to understand the reality. So that the misunderstandings spread among people regarding Shyama and me can be cleared."

I have known about the relationship between Shyama and Fali Mistri for the past year. During this time, one day Shyama invited Fali to her house for dinner. I did not think it appropriate to talk to her before the meal. Later, in front of Shyama, I asked Fali that if he had any intention of marrying Shyama and, he should tell me. I could be of help in implementing their marriage plan. I did not want a long series of meetings to continue between them and they could not reach any conclusion. As a father, my wish was that if both of them agreed, I should tie them to the bond of marriage forever. In answer to my question, Fali Mistri said, 'I cannot marry because I do not have money.' To this, I said, 'What is the need for money? If you are happy, I am also happy. There is no hindrance from my side.' This was the only conversation that took place between me and Fali. After this, I never said anything.

Kahan Gaye Woh Log? - Hamara Forums

Much of what has been written about Shyama and Fali in the newspapers is correct. But I feel it necessary to tell you that I did not put any obstacle in their path. Nor am I against this marriage. However, I did not want her to sit all night waiting for Fali's call. And not even think that her father and other family members are sitting outside. Yes, once it did happen that I got fed up with the daily phone calls and damaged the phone. The next day when the telephone people came to repair it, I was not present at home. The next day when Shyama was going to shoot for Shahid Latif's film 'Darwaza', she got furious and accused me of abusing the telephone people. And also said that the telephone should catch fire. Since she was accusing me wrongly, at that time I was not present at home, so I got angry and said may your house catch fire and you too! Hearing this, she replied to me. Then throw me out of the house.' To this, I said 'who has stopped you? You can leave happily.'

Shyama then thought of another scheme. She asked me to go to Raj Talkies Indore in connection with it. And as soon as I reached Indore, she sent her mother to Pakistan to attend a wedding. A few days after this, she also threw out her sister-in-law from the house. Thus, she cleared the ground for herself. Her sister-in-law reached Indore and informed me that Shyama was getting married to Fali Mistry. But I did not pay attention to that. I thought that perhaps this was a fight between sister-in-law and sister-in-law. But the very next day, my grandson Shahdeen sent me a telegram from Bombay asking me to reach Bombay immediately. And I immediately came to Bombay. After coming here, I did not say anything to him. But let me make one more thing clear. It is usually thought that the parents of film girls keep creating obstacles in the marriage of their daughters due to greed for wealth. But there was no such thing with me. I have always relied on my income to live. In fact, till now I have borne all the expenses of my house myself. Therefore Shyama or anyone in the family cannot accuse me of not allowing her to get married. She is responsible for her own good and bad.

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After all, I want to ask Shyama "Why is she denying her marriage by publishing the news in the newspapers in her defense, so does the world look stupid and blind to her? Why did she forget that the eyes of the world are always open? It would be better if she tried to open her eyes."


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