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Govind Namdev Acts In Marathi Film For The First Time In His Career


Jyothi Venkatesh

The trailer launch of Lade Bros Pvt Ltd, Eagle Eye Entertainment Presents Sur Sapata was held at Sun Villa in Mumbai. According to the producer Jayant Lade, Sur Sapata is an inspirational film in Marathi on the topic of sports- kabaddi to be precise, directed by Mangesh Kanthale. The event started almost an hour and a half late was thronging with several gatecrashers , which led to the sponsored booze from the liquor sponsor Vassant Bhandari getting over within a few minutes of the bar opening, also had the august presence of guest like Abhijeet Phanse as well as actors like Upendra Limaye, who plays the coach of the school boys team Govind Namdev, Sanjay Jadhav, Abhidnya Bhave, Neha Shitole, Anand Ingale, Siddharth Zadbuke, Hansraj Jagtap, Chinmay Patwardhan, Chinmay Sant, Yash Kulkarni, Jeevan Kalarkar, Rupesh Bane, Suyash Shirke, Sharayu Sonawane and Ninad Tambade.

Interestingly the renowned director Sanjay Jadhav is playing the role of a rival team in the film. The same role had been offered to director Abhijit Phanse who had recently directed Thackeray, but he could not accept the role as he was shooting at that time in Mauritius. The chief guests of the evening were Arjuna Award and national award winning winning women kabaddi athletes like Shaila Raikar, Maya and Shakuntala Khatalkar

A thorough teetotaler in real life, Govind Namdev who is playing the role of a disciplined principal of the school said that it was for the first time that he has acted in a film in Marathi and added that he felt ashamed that though he has been an actor for the last 42 years on the stage as well as TV and films, he could never get the opportunity to act in Marathi films till date. “It has been my endeavor to act in at least one film in every language in India and I am glad that I have acted till now in several languages like Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and Punjabi , besides Marathi.

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