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Grand Muhurat Of Marathi Film ‘Jungjauhar’ In The Capital Of Swarajya


Jyothi Venkatesh

The rough and tough land of Maharashtra has had a simmering and battle filled history. Displaying incomparable bravery and patience, many a warrior has sacrificed his life for this land of Maharashtra. This land of Maharashtra has given many brave soldiers who had always been ready to lay down their lives on Shivaji’s command. Seeing their fierceness, bravery and zeal even the enemy used to be stunned. Depicting the story of the Bandal Sena and the peerless courage of Baji Prabhu, the movie ‘Jungjauhar’ had its muhurat at the capital of the swarajya , Fort Raigad. This is the chapter which shows the exploits of Baji Prabhu. The muhurat of this historical movie was performed with the sounds of dhol-tasha and chanting of sacred mantras. ‘Almonds creations’ produced  ‘Jungjauhar’ will be released in the month of June.

The Sahyadri Pratishtan had organised the annual Shivrath yatra from Fort Shivneri to Fort Raigad. The yatra ended with a grand ceremony on Fort Raigad. The puja of the Shiv-palki was performed with recitations of mantras and vociferous chants of ‘Shivaji Maharaj ki jai’. The artistes and the team of ‘Jungjauhar’ also participated in the celebrations with great enthusiasm. After the puja of Shiv-palki, the traditional puja of the script of the movie ‘Jungjauhar’ was performed by director Digpal Lanjekar and actor Chinmay Mandlekar. Ankit Mohan, Harish Dudhade, Hrishi Saxena, Viram Gaikwad, Rohan Mankani  and Sushrut Mankani were also present.

The bravery of Baji Prabhu has a permanent place in history. Although many years have passed since the battle of Pavankhind, the story of the battle, the bravery of Baji Prabhu and ultimately his sacrifice, are a source of inspiration. Siddhi Johar laid seige on Panhalgad. Chhtrapati Shivaji Raje skillfully escaped from there and went to Vishalgad. The Bijapur Soldiers were in hot chase. Realizing the danger Baji asked Maharaj to go ahead. Baji and Phulaji, the two brothers along with the Bandal army fought against the Siddhi army at Ghodkhind. Baji and 300 Bandal soldiers fought bravely and held on till Maharaj reached Vishalghad. While saving Chhatrapati, Baji and 300 hundred soldiers  sacrificed their lives. The Ghodkhind battle is well-known for Baji Prabhu’s unflinching loyalty towards Chhatrapati Shivaji  and to the  cause of  Swaraj.

‘One cannot understand history by telling or listening, one has to experience it’. With this  in mind, Digpal Lanjekar said  that ‘he decided to  take up the challenge and introduce it to the present generation’. The Producers Ajay-Anirudh Arekar said that ‘they wanted to bring to the screen  a glorious chapter on  daring and warfare’.

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