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Great Big Story Meets Dexter Mayfield, A Plus Size Male Model Who Is Living The Dream By Loving Himself And His Body


Jyothi Venkatesh

If you cannot love who you are, and appreciate everything about yourself, WAKE UP! Its time to wrap your head and just ‘Slay’Talking about self-love and acceptance isn’t enoughbut going through a transformation that can take you with the hardest of hearts is just the need of the hour. This Valentine’s Day, Great Big Story brings you the story of Dexter Mayfield, a plus size model, dancer and actor who has not had it easy until he decided to make the change and take the fashion and entertainment industry by a storm. Being plus size, Dexter has been an ambassador for body positivity making the movement grow stronger across the world. ‘I love giving that shock and ah feeling’ says Dexter as he talks about his journey where he learnt to be a bigger person expanding the spectrum of what male beauty is about. When it comes to presenting an image of male beauty,Mayfield wants men like him out there, showing everyone that there is no one definition of not loving who you are. Great Big Story is a global media company devoted to cinematic storytelling. Headquartered in New York, with a bureau in London, our studios create and distribute micro docs and short films, as well as series for digital, social, TV and theatrical release. Since our launch in late 2015, our producers have traveled to 100 countries to discover the untold, the overlooked and the flat-out amazing. Our stories engage and inspire tens of millions daily. 

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