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Guess B’Day Boy Aamir Khan’s dream-role, which he aspires to play someday?


Mega-star Aamir Khan also known as ‘The Perfectionist’ has just turned 56 ( chhappan) years, but still continues to look rejuvenated. Like in his iconic movie ‘’3 Idiots’ the charismatic ’ageless’ Aamir can possibly still look convincing as a senior post-graduate student . Known for his gutsy ability to experiment in a contrasting variety of roles with convincing ‘get-ups’  in dozens of landmark movies over the past three decades, the Khan still continues his passion to be different .आमिर खान

As is evident, with his latest upcoming movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ . It has been my honour and privilege that as a film-journalist, I have known Aamir-bhai as an ‘assistant director’ on the sets of his (uncle) Chacha-jaan showman film-maker Nasir Hussain’s movies like ‘Zabardat’,  even before his debut movie as a lead hero in ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’. After my personal media-interview for ‘QSQT’ with affable Aamir-bhai, at his Bandra apartments, I still remember he dropped me in his car, which he was himself driving, on the main road at a taxi-stand on Linking Road.

Actually, Aamir had and still has that ‘naughty-twinkle’ in his eyes and is known to be a cranky-prankster during shooting-breaks. Ask his mascot heroine Juhi Chawla, and she will reveal how ‘mischievous’ Aamir can be in playing pranks that can jolt you. In the past I recall how Aamir declared on stage and also had mentioned to me that there was one secret dream-screen-role he wished to play. That of ‘natkhat’ yet revered Lord Krishna on screen.  Mega-star Aamir Khan may have acted  ‘elusive’ for personal appearance in India at desi film-awards events.

But out there in China, he personally acknowledged the prestigious title-citation of ‘National Treasure of India’ conferred on him by the Chinese authorities during his  visit, there in the past. Believe it or not, the recent Aamir Khan starrer ‘Dangal’(2016)  released later on in China, reportedly crossed an equivalent of a whopping Rs 360 crores. That too having ‘wrestled’ thru fierce opposition from Hollywood blockbusters. That Aamir had endeared himself to Chinese movie-buffs was proven in the past when his previous movies ‘Dhoom 3’ and especially ‘PK’  made a huge killing at their Chinese box-office.

आमिर खान

But this time, the humble ‘Dangal’ has swiftly surpassed the collections of his previous Indian movies  in China and proved that the ‘perfectionist’ Khan has emerged the darling of the Chinese, especially frenzied female fans. Being a perfectionist, Aamir is known to have backed out from movies ( like for example.’Darr’)  which later emerged superhits.“ Even though such movies may have turned out to be a huge success, I don’t regret not doing any films offered to me. Simply because I felt I was not the right choice and I didn’t believe so in the initial casting stage itself,” shrugs the charismatic Khan who also quips that he ‘keeps away from all kinds of politics.’    

For ‘perfectionist’ mega-star actor Aamir Khan losing or gaining weight for his lead screen-character has always been a major concern be it for ‘Ghajini’ or for ‘PK’ or even for ‘Dangal’ . Revealing his fitness-ka-raaz the charismatic Khan shares,“ During ‘Dangal’ when I was invited to Shah Rukh Khan’s house for a formal daawat with invited special guests. I carried my own tiffin. But at the same time the quantum of food was large enough, the full rice-sabzi-daal- quota that we all eat daily.

They were all startled at my ‘weight-loss-diet’and my different food-plate was the centre of distraction,” recalls Aamir with a chuckle.“In my next upcoming movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, I need to look very young and I needed to  lose 20 kgs. As regards, a strict diet, It’s okay to once-in-a-while succumb to temptation and relish just a spoonful of something you crave for, ”signs off Aamir.  आमिर खान

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