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The actress married due to pregnancy?


After Neha Dhupia’s sudden announcement of her wedding to alleged boyfriend Angad Bedi, social media was flooded with the news of her pregnancy.

While speaking with Dainik Bhaskar, Neha’s father refused the rumors saying; “No no.. there is no such thing at all. Since the two got married early, people are thinking otherwise. But there is no such thing. People will keep talking about things and spread rumors as per their wish.”

He further added that the wedding was a private affair because both the families wanted so.

He said; “It was decided by both the families and the couple as they didn’t have much time because of their respective work commitments. We only got a day or two to make all the wedding arrangements after the date was finalised.”

Neha’s father has ended all the rumors and has cleared the air. Now, all the gossip mongers can rest.

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