Gufi Paintal (mahabharath’s Shakuni) is admitted to the Hospital

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Gufi Paintal Hospitalised (1)

Gufi Paintal is an indian actor who is also known as a Shakuni as he performed the best role in Mahabharat. He is admitted to the hospital.


Gufi is admitted to the Hospital

Shakuni of Mahabharat is in very bad condition and is admitted to Bellevue Multispeciality Hospital which is in Andheri West. He is suffering from kidney and some Heart issues. His younger brother Paintal (comedian) told him about all of this and said to pray for him.


Fans are praying for Gufi’s based

Gufi is an actor from the 80s who appears in some serials and plays. Who became a name by playing the role of Shakuni in the Mahabharata serial? But Gufi only had to face hatred because of this leak. At the same time, Gufi has so many fans who are praying for him.


Gufi is the one who fought in the war

Gufi was in the army before entering Bollywood and I know this is something that is so surprising but that is a truth. If we talk about his Army life then he is one of those who joined the army at the time of the Indian and China war, at that point in time he was posted on China’s border. In such a situation, the soldiers used to perform Ramlila to entertain themselves. In this Ramlila, Goofy used to play the character of Mata Sita.


Such an increased trend toward acting

While playing the role of Sita during Ramlila in the army, Goofy's trend started towards acting. After the end of the 1962 war, Gufi Paintal left the army and moved to Mumbai. During that point of time, he worked in many serials. In this episode, he joined the Mahabharat serial. He was associated as a casting director in Mahabharata. Scriptwriter Rahi Masoom Raza was looking for an artist for the character of Shakuni in the show. One day when he saw Gufi, he started persuading him for this role. After this, Gufi played the character of Shakuni and created history.

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