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Gulzar Was Paid Rs 300 For Penning His Debut Song More Gora Ang Lai Le By Bimal Roy

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Jyothi Venkatesh

The late Bimal Roy was making “Bandini” and Shailendra was writing the lyrics for its songs. Sachin Dev Burman was the music director. There was some altercation between Shailendra and Burman, who then refused to work with Shailendra. Bimal Roy was worried.  Somebody told him about a Sardarji,  *Sampuran Singh Kalra*, a motor car mechanic who had migrated from Pakistan who was looking for a chance to write lyrics. Motor mechanic who wrote lyrics? People asked in amazement but by then a desperate Bimal Roy said ok, bring him in. So Sampuran Singh came and given the scene and story line wrote his FIRST EVER FILM SONG! Bimal Roy’s gamble paid off for what a hit song it was! And a living legend was born!!  His very first song from “Bandini” – “Mora Gora Rang Laile, Mohe Shaam Rang Daidey” sung by none other than Lata Mangeshkar. Sardar Sampuran Singh Kalra later changed his name and became whom we know as”Gulzar”*! And Sardar Sampuran Singh Kalra was paid just Rs 300 for penning the iconic song. The amount is now equal to Rs 30,000. This piece of information was told to me by Gulzar himself, when I had interviewed him for the first time three decades ago. I remembered this when I heard Roop Kumar Rathod and Sunali Rathod’s daughter Reewa Rathod’s song from the album Saaya  Tere Ishq Ka.

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