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Gurdas Maan Ke Ek Guru Hai Jinko Maan Bahut Maante Hai


It is a very strange phenomenon to see how some of the most admired respected and revered men and women have their own gurus who they consider much greater than them and respect their wishes and commands  – Ali Peter John

I have read about such gurus and even known some of them , that the legendary singer, poet actor and producer Gurdas Maan has his own guru who he calls Sai who lives far away from all the hustle and bustle of life and is said to have spiritual and mental control over some of his most powerful disciples , and they cannot disobey him in any way .

Gurdas Maan firmly believes that his life is inspired and controlled by his Sai who has kept himself away from the limelight and is still a leading light in the lives of some of the best of people who are very much a part of the world .

There are any number of stories about the Sai in the life of Gurdas. but there are some stories which stand out .

There have been two very gastly car accidents in which Gurdas Maan has been involved and his Sai had warned him not to travel on those days , but Gurdas had either forgotten his Sai’s advise or may have taken it lightly .

On January 20 , Gurdas was driving through a village when his car crashed headlong into a speeding truck .

He was injured but not seriously but his driver Tejpal died in the accident from which Gurdas couldn’t get out for several months and when he was normal , the first song he recorded was his tribute to Tejpal , his faithful driver for years

On January 20 , 2020 Gurdas met with another gruesome accident while driving in his car and he just had a few bruises and scratches on his body and was saved again . His driver , Ganesh was seriously injured, but he recovered soon .

Every time Gurdas rememberd those two accidents, he praised his Sai and believes that he was saved by the grace and prayers of his Sai.

His belief in his Sai has now become a part of his personality and a part of Punjabi culture and life .

January has been a very important month in life of Gurdas Mann . He was born on January 4 , 1957 . And he received two new lives also in January .

I came to know Gurdas Maan when he was busy making Hindi and Punjabi films . He kept visiting Mumbai for his work and to plan his films and shows with his efficient wife , Manjeet Maan and her team .

His humility and his soft spokenness won me over and I found a star – friend who was not a star on a earth, but a saint from some other world.

I was alone in my room at home when I suddenly had visitors . They were all looking disturbed .

Gurdas had seen a dream about me in Punjab the dream was not very pleasant . Gurdas was so worried that he sent his team to go to my house and see if everything was okay with me and my health .

Who takes dreams seriously ? And who takes so much personal care about a small journalist who he had met only a short while ago

It was the premiere of his film ” Waris Shah Ishq Da Waris” at the Ravindra Natya Mandir in Mumbai .

The auditorium was packed to capacity. I was invited by both Gurdas and Manjeet. I normally don’t like walking up to the place where the celabrities meet before an event but someone from the Maan unit came up to me and told me that Gurdas Maan wanted to meet me .

I slowly walked to where Gurdas Maan was and he came rushing towards me with his hands spread wide open and before I could think of saying something to him, he touched my feet and I didn’t know what to say or do , but his touching my feet had made me someone special as the best of celebrities kept looking at me with their curious eyes dying to know who I was .

I had lost touch with him, especially after the lockdown . But I met a couple who were his dedicated fans who had just opened a restaurant called ” The Punjabi Choolah” .

Seeing their dedication I called Gurdas Maan and told him about the Punjabi couple and their restaurant in Oshiwara in Mumbai.

I told Gurdas that the couple would dance the bhangra if he spoke to them congratulating them for their restaurant .

He not only spoke to them , he sent a basket of the best flowers and two days later , he wrote a letter to them which they have now framed and placed at the entrance of their restaurant .