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Happu And Rajesh Rekindle Their Romance


Romance, commitment, coupled with honesty and trust are the key ingredients of a perfect relationship and an unbreakable marriage. Without these three ingredients, the base of a relationship and marriage becomes unstable and goes to the extent of falling apart. &TV’s most unique couple of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan is feeling the need of rekindling the same spark that they had 10 years ago. Happu (Yogesh Tripathi) and Rajesh (Kamna Pathak) are, like every married couple, juggling life, work, and house chores. While Happu stays busy working as a Daroga, Rajesh spends her whole day taking care of her nine children and her mother in law and doing all household chores.

In the coming episodes, Happu feels their love life has taken a back seat and Rajesh seems to be very dull. So, to revive the same old romance and spice up their marriage, Happu decides to relive the days before they tied the knot with Rajesh. But before every good step that you take, comes hurdles and difficulties; and in the case of Happu and Rajesh, hurdle comes as Amma. But eventually, she understands the need for their private space to get their marriage back on track. Happu and Rajesh take a dig into their wardrobe and grab their old clothes and recreate the moments of love and romance. From going to garden getting flirty behind the bushes to sneakily climbing up the wall to the window Romeo style, the couple does everything to get back those vibes. The upcoming episodes are sure to give us those nostalgic retro vibes!

Taking time out of our busy life schedules and give our partners a little attention and relive those days when we craved to be together will always bring back the spark in any marriage, that’s what I feel. Happu is always busy with his duties at the police station barely having time for his wife, getting nostalgic about their initial romantic days, Happu decides to relive those days,” says Yogesh Tripathi. Agreeing with Yogesh, Kamna Pathak adds, “I feel not just in marriage but in every relationship, we should never take our loved ones for granted. They deserve our attention and love, work will always continue but it is special moments like these that we will always cherish. It not just keeps the bond strong but also relieves us from the stress of our everyday mundane lives.

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