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Happy that I was able to witness my son’s milestones, says beauty queen pageant winner Aditi Patankar-Gupta


Even if you don’t like to travel much, a small break or a staycation is something that we all look forward to. But 2020 took away that joy from us. Though we got to spend some quality time with family, those small refreshing breaks were truly missed. And Mrs. India Singapore and Formula racer Aditi Patankar-Gupta agrees to it. However, she accepted that not missing the milestones of her one-year-old son will be a memory that she will always cherish from this year. “This lockdown allowed me to witness some wonderful milestones of my son which probably I would have missed due to full-time work. But if talking only about me, then I would also treasure the moments of the Formula 4 championship,” she said.
Jyothi Venkatesh Aditi Patankar Gupta

Talking about the most upsetting moment of 2020, the mother of two kids said, “The most disappointing thing this year was no planned family vacations due to COVID-19. Considering the safety aspect of our family, we decided not to take any risks with the kids around.”Aditi is also the founder of Mrs India UK, a pageant coach, and has judged many fashion shows. Asked what kept her going this year, she said, “It was my settling in period in Mumbai with my newborn so it just kept me going. Apart from this, Mrs India UK training and event kept me engaged with a lot of positive mentors and finalists, so it was completely new learning in the digital space for pageants to explore as well.”

She is a mother, a wife, a Formula racer, a pageant girl, a coach, a banker and sharing her biggest achievement, she said it was breaking the myths of constraints one has as a mother, a working woman, and a wife. She further added, “Every year when I think what have I done, something different answers my question. This year, becoming a Formula 4 racing driver was my pleasant achievement. The reason being I have met and known many women, who have resistance to pursue something different and continue their passion, and the stepping stone to change that thought process is by being an example yourself.”In the coming years, Aditi would continue to mentor start-up incubator centers and Formula 4 racing, and added, “My focus is to work hard in my professional life and also racing.”

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