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Hasan Zaidi says analysing the present scenarios another lockdown seems reality but let’s not lose hope


Life in times of corona seems to be only getting worse. With cases on the rise in India, Maharashtra government has already imposed severe restrictions on public movement till 7 am on May 1, leading to TV and film shoots coming to a halt – Jyothi Venkatesh

The entertainment industry is worried and trying to find ways to deal with the situation. Actor Hasan Zaidi is feeling no different.

However, he is hopeful that this too shall pass. “Yes, it is quite uncertain right now. Analysing the present scenarios it seems quite probable that there is going to be another lockdown soon, maybe between 15 and 30 of this month or else there is no other way to control the spread.

I really don’t understand why people don’t act responsibly. It’s the laxity on their part and the fact that many wrongly believed that the pandemic is over, that we are going through this second wave.

I just hope this time they will learn a lesson,” says the actor, known for shows such as Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, Ghar ek Sapna and Beyhadh 2.

According to Zaidi, the time till May 1 would be difficult and if these restrictions are extended, unfortunately, actors, daily wages workers, spot boys, technicians, and everybody working putting things together will lose money, may go jobless.

“Financially we all would be affected and I really don’t know how we will be able to make up for it. But let’s not lose hope, where there is a will there’s always away.

We have to stay strong and mentally prepare ourselves. We must understand that staying healthy is the priority.

We have to sail through these unprecedented times. I hope God saves us all. Staying optimistic can help us go through this.

It’s time we accept that the new normal is far from over. Till the pandemic is there and we don’t have the foolproof remedy we need to be careful,” he ends.