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Haseena malik continues to inspire the cast of maddam sir


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sony SAB has kept the viewers entertained with its light-hearted value driven show Maddam Sir, which was launched earlier this year. ‘Maddam Sir’, with the tagline of ‘Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbbaat Hai’, addresses social issues through the eyes of four dynamic women police officers who take every challenge as it comes and solve cases with jazbaat.

With a strong belief in policing with heart, Haseena Malik, S.H.O (Station House Officer) , is a young, witty and a idealistic woman who believes in bringing sensitivity in the manner of her policing and is also called ‘Madam Malik’.

The show features Gulki Joshi as S.H.O Haseena Malik and Yukti Kapoor known as Sub Inspector Karishma Singh along with Sonali Naik as Head Constable Pushpa and Bhavika Sharma as Constable Santosh. Talking about Haseena Malik and what makes the character stand out, Yukti Kapoor, Sonali Naik and Bhavika Sharma express their love for Maddam Malik.

Gulki Joshi as Haseena Mallik from Sony SAB's Maddam Sir

Yukti Kapoor, essaying the role of Karishma said, “Haseena and Karishma are two completely opposite people. The way Karishma conducts herself is rather strict but with Haseena Malik as a colleague, Karishma has started to respect Maddam Malik’s way of policing. Haseena’s passion for work is admirable and while my character might be entirely opposite, together they make a great team. ”

Sonali Naik, essaying the role of Pushpa said, “What I admire about Haseena Malik is her drive to bring justice. She always believes in taking the rightful approach to solve any case. Her mannerism and beliefs are the qualities that bind all the four ladies together. My character Pushpa is the most experienced and is looking forward for that one big break before she retires. As a leader, she encourages everyone to bring out the best in any situation. ”

Bhavika Sharma, essaying the role of Santosh said, “My character Santosh in the show is the youngest member of the Mahila Police Thana. She is learning at every step from her colleagues. She always seeks inspiration from Haseena to be like her someday. The qualities that Haseena Malik has are that she is a great leader who has dedication to work in any situation with sheer sensitivity and love.

She is confident with strong principles. She is a team player with a brave heart.”Watch Maddam Malik and her team every Monday to Friday at 10pm on Sony SAB