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Jyothi Venkatesh

Actors talk to JYOTHI VENKATESH about Lockdown 4.0. The announcement of the fourth phase of lockdown came as a refreshing change. Apart from the essential services, the government eased restrictions on nonessentials too. However, it is still recommended to stay at home and maintain social distancing, if going out. While, Maharashtra is one of the most affected states by Covid-19, the cases in Mumbai alone are very alarming. However, celebs suggest that even during this time one needs to have patience and should stay positive. Here’s what they have to say:

Shashank Vyas:  I will be maintaining the same pattern which I have been following since the last two months. There will be no change. The cases are increasing every day and there is so much risk, so precaution is better than cure. Be home, be safe. One should not hurry and must have patience.

Harssh A. Singh: I think everyone is afraid, in terms of their career and future. That fear is always there because we don’t know when things will get back to normal. I am talking about normal working people, if they lose a job at this time, they can’t even go out and search for a new job. Because of the lockdown, you are being forced to think about all this and your mental health is definitely affected. I know that we are spending quality time with family, but yes, there is frustration and the only thing we can do is meditate. Share your problem with your closed ones and stay positive.

Vijayendra Kumeria: Personally, I don’t see a big change. Of course, there is some relief, but the situation in Mumbai is so bad that I don’t see a big change soon. What I was looking for was better guidelines and precautions, which would make us be safe but at the same time help us get back to work. Till the time corona vaccines are not made we cannot keep extending the lockdown. We will have to find ways on how work and safety can go hand in hand. The sufferings of the middle class should also be addressed.

New formal look of Vijayendra Kumaria is getting appreciated!

Rishina Kandhari: It’s time to refresh ourselves for a restart. Now it’s time to resurrect ourselves and adjust to the new normal. In such adverse situations, we need to remind ourselves about how we have renewed ourselves, again and again, like a Phoenix. We need to be away from depressing statistical projections and rebuild our life with a new perspective. We need to plan for further relapse prevention carefully and at the same time we need to adjust ourselves to the new way of life.

Arun Mandola: Right now my life is quite well but the fourth phase of lockdown is creating difficulties for everyone, especially in Mumbai which is one of the most expensive cities of India. I am not worried about myself but I am thinking about the others who are still working outside and risking their life. Also, it is the most difficult time for those who are going home without food and transportation. Few states are trying to open stores and other facilities, so I am worried, because then people are going to come out, and things can get worse. Soon rainy season will also start and then this problem can get bigger. All we can do now is pray.

Aaira Dwivedi: I believe that staying at home is a luxury. There are many people out there who don’t have the option to stay at home and be safe because for them working is necessary, like garbage cleaner, nurses and many more. People who are saying that they are getting bored by sitting at home, they must not be aware of the bitter truth about what is happening around. I am using my time wisely, because being an actor we have to work on ourselves so that we can do better. I love learning new things and I love to work on my flexibility and fitness, so right now I am getting sufficient time which I was not getting before. I won’t deny that in the beginning my routine was disturbed because I was working nonstop and suddenly everything stopped. I love reading books, watching movies, web series, and also spending time with my family. I have learned that you can be fit even without a gym. Lockdown has helped me to keep my mental and physical health better. Follow government guidelines so that the graph of corona goes down and try to be a good responsible citizen.

Vikas Sethi: Money is definitely needed by everyone. Newcomer actors, whose salary is less, it is very difficult for them, only the smart ones can survive. So, don’t waste your money on unnecessary things. We don’t know anything about whether the channel is giving money to the producer or not, big production house like Balaji, they must have paid all their dues. One of my friend, he is a producer, he has his own show, and he is paying them. Now everybody is at home so no one is realising that once everything opens people will be in search for money. Like my staff is asking for money, I am paying but for how long. There is no inflow of money. We need to start working and for that we need to go out in the market, for money, but everything is shut, except grocery shops. Before making the announcement of the lockdown they should have made a prior announcement that we will be implementing lockdown and whoever wants to go to their home they can go. Suddenly if you say that on Sunday everything will be shut and then on Sunday night you announce 21 days lockdown. I remember me, my wife and my brother rushed to shop to take groceries. With financial crisis everyone is facing mental torture too.

Sharad Malhotra: Fourth lockdown is not much different and there is panic in the city. The news of Kolkata Cyclone is disturbing as well because my parents and sister live there. I am keeping myself positive and hoping that things will change. Normal life is surely elusive at the moment but staying at home is highly recommended. I believe tough times never last, tough people do. Stay positive and talk to your loved ones daily. This is my message to people.

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