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'Tujh ko mai rakhlun wahan jahan pe kahin hai mera yakeen
Mai jo tera na hua kisi ka nahin, kisi ka nahin'

Imtiaz Ali—The master of weaving magic on screen.
Shah Rukh Khan—A born charmer.
Pritam—The one who knows the right chords to strike to touch your heart.
Irshad Kamil—The man who can make his words resonate in one's soul.
Arijit Singh—A voice that is synonymous to a multitude of emotions.

The last time we saw all of them together was precisely two weeks ago when Safar released and we thought that that was as good as it can get. Little did we know that all of them had an even better experience in store for us. Jab Harry Met Sejal's latest song Hawayein came out last night and of course, I am still reeling in it's intoxication precisely why I decided to dedicate a full-fledged article to this prodigious song.

I have dealt with breakups in my life, hit rock bottom and swam right up because I knew it wasn't the end of the world. I refused to believe in love for quite some time and also convinced myself to believe I was better off without it. Yesterday was supposed to be just another day in my life, after a usual day at the office, I went home and was doing what most of us do, lazing around aimlessly. This is when my roommate came across this gem of a song. Believe me, when I say this, my life hasn't been the same ever since I've heard the song. Yes, that's exactly what it did to me.

It's the kind of song that makes you want to fall in love. It's like they all came together to create a masterpiece that could bring a change in peoples lives and awaken emotions that cannot be put into words. I speak not for myself, but for everybody who's felt the same after listening to this song, I know how you feel, we know what it is.

This goes down as one of the most beautifully directed songs. Imtiaz Ali has done it again (No, I haven't forgotten Agar Tum Paas Ho). It's a therapy for your eyes as much as it is for your ears. In every single frame, the nuances have been captured so beautifully that each time you watch the video you discover something pristine about it.

Pritam has given us songs that will continue to live on for generation after generation and as time passes. But Hawayein is that one song that will put Pritam in the category of composers who went on to become eternal. It's also an answer to everybody who's ever doubted his capabilities as a composer. Irshad Kamil's lyrics make you want to fall more in love with the song because love just couldn't have been expressed in a more divine form. Imagine! We have a song for all the times we fall short of words to express our love. Arijit's voice touches every bone in your body. His voice can simply rip your heart open and the best part is that you wouldn't want that damage to be undone.

And of course then there's Shah Rukh Khan. One song, infinite expressions and a mountain of emotions. No, he doesn't make me want to be Sejal, rather it's Harry I'd want to be like. A man who could illustrate his feelings with such conviction, whose eyes have the answer to every possible question in the universe. To say the least, Raj and Rahul have become passé with his portrayal of Harry. All of this and the film isn't out yet. Dayum! While Anushka Sharma has made us fall in love with her in all the mini trailers, songs and the trailer that have released till now, Hawayein is about SRK. Just about him.

A song that's melted hearts and provoked our souls. Hawayein becomes my jam for this lifetime, at least.

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