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This is the first time since Game of Thrones was introduced to mankind that the news regarding it hasn't made the viewers euphoric! It's just been the exact opposite—the world is flabbergasted. We are all loyal fans of the show and of HBO. Keeping all the anxiety and excitement of each episode aside, we'd never want the GOT content to be leaked online. After all, we are aware of the hard work that goes into to writing every single episode. It's not a joke!

The worst nightmare of any media company came to life, when the hackers got 1.5 terabytes of data from the HBO servers, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. The hackers haven't just got hold of the script from the upcoming episode of GOT (episode 4, season 7) but also multiple episodes of other series. The Hackers conveniently breached into HBO's online security system and the company was informed of the same via email.

The email read as follows:

So far an upcoming episode of Ballers and Room 104 have been put online and what is speculated to be the script of the fourth episode which is also the upcoming episode of GOT season 7! The hackers have also left a warning of "more to be coming soon".

HBO hasn't come out in the open and acknowledged the amount of data hacked but on Sunday morning the HBO Chairman warned its employees about the same via an email.

This has not gone down well with us and we can't imagine the company's plight. Hoping things are back to normal soon!

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