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Heital Puniwala Gets Injured On The Sets Of Naagin 4!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Heital Puniwala recently got injured while shooting for his show Naagin 4. He was trying to prevent his colleague from getting injured and ended up hurting himself. “We were shooting with a fire torch and the fireball fell out. My colleague’s saree was bout to catch fire, but I kicked the ball. However, since we were shooting a temple sequence, I was barefoot and got hurt,” he says.Everyone took good care of Heital on the set and even took him to a doctor. “My co-actors Rakhi, Sikandar, Geetanjali, Aparna treated me well and made sure I was in no pain. The production people took me to a doctor. Balaji Telefilms is a wonderful production house, they helped and took care of me. I was not able to walk due to the pain and everyone asked me to take it easy.These kinds of incidents happen on the set and I am happy that no one else got hurt. Once before too, I had got gravely injured on a set during a cycle sequence. The production house has always taken good care of me and I don’t blame anyone for this incident.”

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