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Helly Shah Back In Action After A Vacay



Just a month ago, Helly Shah was in the news for fainting on the sets of her show, ‘Sufiyana Pyaar Mera’, because of the exhaustion caused by playing a double role. However, after that brief hiccup and a short vacay in Thailand, she is now back with renewed vigour. She says, “I have no issues playing a double role, as such opportunities are rare. Yes, it’s demanding, as I have to shoot every scene twice for both my characters. It consumes a lot of time and I guess that took a toll on my health, but I am better now. I went on a break because it was necessary to recharge my batteries before taking on the challenge. I have adapted two voices for the roles so that I not only look but also sound different. There are times when I forget to change my voice! So, I have to be very cautious.”

Given the fact that one can get stereotyped on television, was she apprehensive about turning negative on screen? “Never. On the contrary, I was happy that I am getting to do something different. Of course, there are times when I feel that the negativity (of one of the characters that she plays) has gone too far and that I am performing over the top, but that’s inevitable,” she replies. Ask her if she would be open to playing negative characters in the future, and she says, “I would like to stick to positive characters unless the antagonist is different from what I am playing currently. I don’t want to play similar characters.”

On the personal front, Helly claims to be single. She says, “I have not dated anyone, but if I had to talk about my ideal man, he should be loyal, honest and have a great sense of humour. Also, even if he is from another industry, he should respect my work.”

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