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The partner-in-crime of Ranveer Singh in Padmaavat, Jim Sarbh who played the role of Malik Kafur with ace is gaining appreciation from everywhere. You have seen him as Khalil in Neerja and Malik Kafur in Padmaavat, you have appreciated him for his work, he is handsome and his acting skills are par brilliance. We had the opportunity to have an interview with Jim Sarbh digitally on the email and here is all you need to know about this Star-in-making.  

Coming from the theatre background, How did you get the role of Khalil in Neerja, your very first role in Bollywood? Did you face any difficulties while the procedure of casting or the filming? If yes, please share!

Auditioned. Workshopped for Mansoor or Fahad: they saw some potential in me and cast me as Khalil.

Yes, pleasures and difficulties. Too long ago. Memory fading. Beep boop.

You got 5 awards for Neerja and one nomination, how was the feeling to hit the ball out of the park on the very first ball? 


There are rumors doing the round that you would be playing Salman Khan’s role in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic. Is it true? 

It is not. But if it were, I wouldn’t tell you.

How was it working with Ranveer, Deepika, Shahid and Sonam(In Neerja)? 

Sonam: ignored her completely on set, as per the instructions of my director. She seemed very kind and reactive, though. We interacted after the shooting was finished, and I am very fond of her, but we both have busy lives.

Deepika: did not have a single scene with her. I think I met her once during Raabta. She seems nice.

Shahid: had one scene with him, but he was very far away, and I was boiling to death in a wool outfit and boots and wig and headgear in the mid day sun, so I really don’t know what was happening apart from my lines.

Ranveer: we shot a Lot. He is an incredible person, very warm and kind, and a great responsive actor. He is always finding new ways to express moments, making interesting, true, and dynamic choices. I loved working with him, knowing him.

You are escalating your game every time, but little did we all know about your personal life? Would you like to share it with us in brief?


If you have to choose one role out of Neerja and Padmaavat, which one would you choose and why?

Whichever one Sophie picked.

 How does it feels when you get to know that you are slowly becoming the new villain of B’wood?


One movie you wished that you would have done as the protagonist? 

Many, but off the top of my head: Deadpool.

It’s been how long that you have been in this profession of art and theatre?

2010, professionally.

When did you decide to take up acting as a profession? 

There was no choice really.

Which was your favorite character in The Merchant of Venice? 

I actually really like Bassanio’s character: he is also a very cheeky manipulative bisexual character, who appears to be truly transformed by love. Well. Perhaps.

Your favorite actor and actress in Bollywood and why?

I really don’t want to say.

You do direction as well as acting, so do you like being behind the camera more or in front of the camera?

Never directed for the camera, only theatre.

As an actor I am an irresponsible, alive, burning mess.

As a director I am a demanding but patient, kind mother.

Perhaps being a director is better for my over all life, but being an actor is more fun.

What was the feeling when you were featured in Forbes 30 under 30? 

There was pleasure, ofcourse. Pride. However, since I did not know the award existed until it was given to me, there was a strange sense of: this is nice, but I would have done exactly what I had whether I was given this or not, and I’m not going to be changing anything I’m doing now, either.

Have you ever read Mayapuri Magazine or have you heard about it anyhow? 

No. How can I subscribe?

PS: Do not worry Jim Sarbh, we will send you the copy of Mayapuri regularly.

Thank You for the interview!


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