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Here’s What ACB Participants Are Expecting From The Game!


Dilip Agarwal’s Actors Cricket Bash is one highly awaited cricket league. Here is what the participants tell JYOTHI VENKATESH what they are looking forward to.

Waseem Mushtaq

waseem Mushtaq

It’s always an amazing feeling to play with the original guard and the whole feel of the game is amazing. I have always loved playing cricket and I am looking forward toACB.

Shiv Narayan

Shiv Narayan

It’s one of a kind of festival where all industry people will come and celebrate the most favourite Indian sport.

Savant Premi

Savant premi

I have always been passionate about cricket as I was a cricketer before I decided to act. I have been in Mumbai for quite a while now and I miss playing cricket, thanks to Dilip. He has been organising matches and tournaments for us. And now with ACB, we actors, who are always shooting, get to play cricket, as we used to, in a very professional way. I am very excited about it.

Shabaaz Abdullah

shabaaz abdullah

The thing unique about ACB is that it’s a proper game with full of discipline as compared to the other tournaments, where you see actors playing not really playing the game. All actors try to give their best here, be it at the practices or the final match, so it’s fun playing for ACB

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