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Hiba Nawab Excited About Jijaji Chhat Per Hain’s Success And Popularity Of ‘Elaichi’


Hiba Nawab has been over the moon these days and she has a reason for her excitement. Her character as Elaichi and her show JijajiChhat Per Hain on Sony SAB have successfully completed a year and has also crossed another milestone, that of 300 episodes.

In an industry where big ticket shows have come and gone, a family entertainment show like JIjajiChhat Per Hain has made its mark. Commenting on the same, Hiba Nawab says, “It feels amazing that we have completed a year of JijajiChhatPer Hain and are going to complete 300 episodes soon. Getting so much appreciation from our audience, especially kids, I feel overwhelmed that as a team we are able to bring smile on their faces. I would like to thank the whole team of JijajiChhat Per Hain for making this amazing masterpiece and its one of my favourite shows that I have done till date.”

Hiba plays ‘Elaichi’, the bubbly spirited girl from Delhi’s Chandni Chowk in the show. Through the show, the term Elaichi has entered every household in India not just as a spice but as this loveable on-screen character. Hiba adds, “I love playing Elaichi. I used to do daily soap dramas beforeand have always played a girl with so much drama in her life, highly emotional and crying on screen. However, Elaichi is full of life, laughter and full of colors. She is a prankster whereas I am a bit image conscious and worried what will happen to me if I prank someone. But Elaichi is really bold and spontaneous so I really like this role.”

“Elaichi has helped me gain a lot of popularity, especially among kids and it feels great. Whenever I go out, people bump into me and recognize me as Elaichi from JijajiChhat Per Hain and they get extremely happy. They request me for pictures and want me to say the line ‘Life me bade tante ho rakhehain’.So this feeling, I can’t really express it in words but it is just out of the world.”

Both in the show as well as in real life, Hiba aka Elaichi is Daddy’s little princess, Hiba adds,“I don’t know why but my dad thinks I am like Elaichi in real life, which I am not because I don’t bother him so much which Elaichi does to her father. So, if my father thinks then maybe there is this hidden Elaichi in me, like there is a hidden Elaichi in each person, and I am cherishing that for now. Initially I was not very sure of Elaichi because it is really not me. She is a drama queen and I am a little more subtle in person. But yeah, it comes naturally as the director says ‘Action’. I always wanted my work to look natural and I love it when people say I have succeeded in doing so. So, I’ll keep working hard to get it better and better and am thankful to all the viewers for so much love and appreciation.”

But the success of JijajiChhat Per Hain is a team effort, Hiba asserts, “It’s a team effort, the JijajiChhat Per Hain family and set is just like a second home to me as I have a best friend, a mother, father and we all have a lot of fun together.”

Tune in to JijajiChhat Per Hain, Monday to Friday at 9:30pm only on Sony SAB

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