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It is never too late to get back with the one you love, eh? That’s exactly how Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma feel because they seem to have rekindled their romance and the couple is officially together! The singer-actress, and her musician boyfriend broke up earlier this year in March but it seems true love always finds a way back.

Koma was a part of Hilary’s birthday celebration and he later posted a picture on his Instagram feed of the two of them looking dotingly at each other.

“Since Matt got back from tour, they’ve been seeing each other again,” a source told E! News exclusively. “Him being gone on a tour was the main reason things didn’t work out the first time around so now that he’s back they picked up right where they left off,” the source added.

Another source further confirmed their relationship and said, “He took her on a romantic dinner date for her birthday, bought her a guitar, and was at her 30th birthday party. Her and Ely’s split is very recent. Her friends and family really adore Matthew. Hilary also wants to get in the studio with Matthew and they have had a working relationship.”

Hope this time its a happily ever after for the couple!