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Himansh Kohli: Feels Great To Be Appreciated


Jyothi Venkatesh

Himansh Kohli has always been very fond of his fans. The actor, who was seen in Yaariyan, says that it feels great to be loved. “It is a very good experience, no doubt. It feels great when people come and appreciate you, your work, acknowledge you and your presence. Wherever you go, they spot you. They recognise you, which feels amazing,” he says.Of course, there are times when you get disturbed by fans, but he says that’s part and parcel of the profession. “Sometimes, when you are unexpectedly spotted, you might be in a state where you probably wouldn’t want people to see you. But I have made my peace with the situation. I am okay with people coming and asking for selfies. It is a blessing in disguise when people shower their love on you, it is a beautiful moment,” he says.

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