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Himansh kohli gifts himself a car on his birthday!


Jyothi Venkatesh

While he cannot throw a big lavish party for his birthday, Himansh Kohli has treated himself to a brand new car this year. The actor, who has been seen in films such as Yaariyaan and Sweetiee Weds NRI and will be seen in Boondi Raita, has decided to have a small get together with friends today to celebrate the big day. “I really wanted to meet and party with a thousand people.

Himansh kohli gifts himself a car on his birthday2

Since, it’s not possible much so I’ll be going out with my chaddi buddies and have planned a family dinner,” he says, adding, “But I did buy a car for myself. Buying this beauty is nothing less than a dream come true. I can’t be happier!”

Himansh kohli gifts himself a car on his birthday3

Birthdays have always been about meeting people for the actor. “I remember celebrating my birthday with all my cousins as a teenager — people who you are able to see only once every couple of years now. I really miss that now,” he says.His birthday comes a day after superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday and Himansh says that, that makes it even more amazing. “Believe you me, I have thought about this and felt special in my head a million times.

Himansh kohli gifts himself a car on his birthday4

It’s like god aligned your stars to your favourite star. I’m more happy to share the traits of a true Scorpio. If you don’t love SRK, it’s like you have never cherished Bollywood,” he says.