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Himansh Kohli On When He Almost Lost Hope On Becoming An Actor!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Trying to get a break in the industry can be exhausting and it was doing precisely this that made Himash Kohli also have a nervous breakdown. However, the Yaariyan actor moved back to Delhi and took care of himself. This World Mental Health Day, he talks about his emotional setback during that time. “I think I had my first emotional outbreak when I was struggling to get my first break as an actor. I went for numerous auditions, getting to the next round, getting rejected and even getting criticized sometimes, in a way, made me lose my self-confidence and hope. Gradually, after 6 months of struggle, I lost so much hope and gathered negativity from people around me that I moved back to Delhi. But I made sure that I kept myself busy and joined a Radio Station as an intern. I never gave up on my dreams and kept sending auditions and working on my craft. I’d say, it took close to 250+ auditions before I finally got selected for Channel V’s Humse Hai Life and the rest is history. So, all you got to do is be patient, be hopeful and keep trying!” he says
The actor says that impressing others on social media is why so many people are depressed “Talking about something quite relevant in today’s context, social media obsession and anxiety is one of the things that affect almost every person with a phone out there. We do so many stupid things to get more likes, comments, impressions or any other digital gratification. This not only affects people’s day to day mood but also their confidence in the longer run. Sometimes, people get so polarized towards doing content-worthy things that they forget to enjoy themselves. I think more awareness should be spread about the impacts of a phone on our mental health since it has become such an important aspect of our lives,” he says.


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