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Himansh Kohli Robbed In Venice!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Traveling in a faraway country is always exciting unless you go through something traumatic like Himansh Kohli recently went through. Though the actor keeps on robbing the hearts of his young female fans,with every film of his, when he was in Venice for a music video shoot, he was robbed! Yes, you read that right! “I was traveling to Venice by road and on the way before exiting Switzerland, I saw this place called Fox Town. I couldn’t resist stopping there for one last time before leaving. I was in the country to shoot my upcoming track ‘Mai Jinna Tenu Vekhi Jaavan’ which we shot at Milan and Potenza. I entered the place, parked my vehicle at the designated parking and came back after an hour. When I reached, I saw that my car was completely open — the boot and all of the doors were open. I rushed towards the car, but it had nothing in it. I lost a lot of luggage, priced possessions which I especially got for my shoot and for travel like clothes, bags, watches, accessories, etc. All my papers, including my passport, visa documents, identity proofs, and some cash was missing too. Of course, I lost everything that I had shopped recently too,” he says.

He adds, “As soon as I realized what had happened, I went numb for a bit. It’s traumatic to lose all your belongings, especially in a foreign land. It wasn’t like I was callous, but what had to happen, happened. I quickly called up the Police, who suggested that I contact the Indian embassy since I had lost all my travel documents. I went there and after much hassle, I was provided with an Emergency Certificate to be able to go to Milan because that was my final stop of the trip.”Although he is trying to cope with the loss, Himansh is still in a state of shock. “Right now, I’m stressed because I will be stuck here till I don’t get my passport. I’m still very upset about the loss of my belongings. A lot of things were really special to me,” he says.

However, he is grateful for all the help he got from the authorities. “I wouldn’t miss thanking everyone who has and is playing an important part in helping me in this situation. The Indian Embassy in issuing me the Emergency Certificate, the Italian Government who coordinates for my travel to Milan, the Swiss Police who is still looking for my stuff and the Light and Sound Team from Times Music who is still helping me with necessary things. I had to alter my travel plans because I had no documents and passport. I am returning to India on Friday And reminded of the song Ghar Aaja pardesi tera desh bulaye re from Dilwale Dulhaniyan Le Jayenge!” he says.

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