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Himansh Kohli wants to act in a Rajkumar Hirani film, drive a Formula One car on a professional race track


The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown last year had put life on hold, brought a bad time upon the world, but there have been some positive effects too says Himansh Kohli.

The Yaariyan actor, who prefers finding good in everything, highlights the constructive changes that made our lives better – Jyothi Venkatesh

“I think hygiene has improved more than anything else. Earlier we used to merely clean the surface but now many of us are properly sanitizing everything.

This practice not only prevents Covid-19 but also kills a lot of other bacteria and viruses,” he says.

Personally, Kohli feels his respect towards food too has increased multi-folds after he started cooking for himself during the lockdown.

“Now I have definitely more respect for the effort that goes into getting your grocery, preparation and I have also become more watchful about not wasting anything.

The third and the most important thing would be how I have started appreciating spending time with myself.

Earlier, most of my free time was spent chilling with friends. While at home I also would work out by myself and explore new formats to stay fit, without relying on the physical presence of trainers or coaches,” he adds.

Urging everyone to be careful and follow all norms at a time when cases are on the rise and the government fearing a second wave, Kohli shares that it’s time we understand our responsibilities better.

“The pandemic is not over yet and many people are still suffering. Please take care, be cautious and abide by all the safety measures,” says the actor, who is busy with his upcoming film Boondi Raita.

While the actor is considering other web and film offers, there are two must-do things in his wish list that he hopes will be fulfilled soon given that the pandemic has made us face the truth once again that life is unpredictable.

“I want to act in a film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, I’m a huge fan of his work. My second wish is to be a part of a Formula One Race.

Driving a Formula One car on a professional race track would be thrilling and an experience of a lifetime,” he adds.